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Why designer watches are better than mainstream watch brands

by Anita Lazdeniece on 0 Comments

Independent Designer Watchmaker

Quality is definitely more important than quantity and watches made by independent designers are a true representation of this statement. In this blog post we have pointed out several factors that can give you some insight, why designer watches are better than watches made by mainstream brands. This will come in handy when you consider purchasing a new wrist watch.

Unique watch designs

First of all, independent watchmakers are often born out of the desire to create something they are passionate about, and it’s this passion that defines their brand. The story behind the creation of these brands are authentic and inspirational, and nothing to do with a quick money grab. They are artists that have found a way to express their artistic identity by having a distinct style and creating unique designs. Brands like Mr Jones Watches, Awake Watches, Ovi Watch and Hygge Watches stand for doing something that differentiates them from the mainstream.

Unique Design


These watchmakers place a premium on design and manufacturing process as a key differentiator, and their products have an artisanal quality that extends to the smallest details, functionality and packaging. What you get is a statement on your wrist, a piece of themselves, a work of art. Independent brands make sure that all watches are unique and suitable for each client. This is a very important thing to have, especially when you are going to spend hundreds of euros on a watch. You want to make sure that it’s handcrafted and a lot of work went into the way it was manufactured.

Represent personality

Designer watches are made in small quantities, which makes each watch a unique investment. The mainstream watch brands will always have powerful weapons like lower prices and faster shipping, but where they can’t compete is on personality and real connection. If there is one strong advantage that independent watchmakers have over mainstream ones, it’s a human quality. Behind every watch there is a person who has given his utmost attention to create something beautiful for you to wear. Every timepiece they create is a representation of their true values.

Personality Representation in Design

Higher quality

Independent watchmakers tend to have a much narrower portfolio, which means they have a lot more to lose if their product isn’t right. Being fast doesn’t pay off, but being right does. Contrary to mainstream brands, speed is not a priority, being smart, doing research and applying the best techniques are the top qualities that define a designer’s work. For example, a mainstream watch brand like Daniel Wellington, which sells quite expensive timepieces, was compared to be the same quality as a duplicate from China that cost 20$, an Amsterdam based brand Cluse makes their watches in Hong Kong, the famous Michael Kors watches are also manufactured in China. Since the focus for these companies is to create as many units as possible to sell more, the manufacturers are less focused on delivering value.

High Quality Design

The approximate manufacturing cost for a Chinese watch is around 5 - 15 euros in total. Yet the selling price for these watches in Europe or the US go for hundreds of euros. Sure, marketing costs are a bit high, but the added costs are just too much if you think about it. This shows the difference in the quality you can get choosing mainstream over independent. By purchasing a wristwatch that is made in-house, you truly receive something of the highest quality and your money’s worth.

Attention to details and materials

There is a freedom of innovation by being independent. It is not the money that drives a designer, it is the quality, the physical appeal and the functionality, and there are always more ways to improve your craft. Mostly, selecting the best materials is the most important step to create a timepiece. As designer watches aren’t made for the masses, materials are most likely ethically sourced and used with sustainability in mind. Producing smaller quantities gives the opportunity to pay attention to every detail and achieve a more exclusive, coveted quality.

Engraved Wooden Watch Design

Smaller brands have financial limitations so they are taking a bigger risk in with everything they do. The biggest challenge is customer acquisition as independent watchmakers don’t have the finances to create enormous marketing campaigns. Mainstream brands spend thousands of dollars to sell their mass produced watches and that is what make them popular, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are more special or a higher quality. As for smaller brands, they maybe don’t have the resources to advertise themselves everywhere, but with their talent, craftsmanship and beautiful designs they will achieve their well deserved recognition with time.

Game of Chess Marketing


If you are looking for something unique, highly detailed and personal, designer watches are a great investment to consider. It is a give and receive situation, you receive a high quality handmade wrist watch and the designers - your appreciation and help in making their dreams come true. We hope this article was helpful and gave you an insight on why is it better to support independent watchmakers rather than mainstream watch brands.

This is our view of the watchmaking industry. Everyone has a chance to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
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