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Watch Box Buying Guide: All You Need to Know About Watch Storage

by Marta Zūzane on 0 Comments

Every watch owner's potentially biggest worry is keeping their watch in perfect condition. In these situations, a watch box comes in handy. That is why we offer a look at everything you need to observe before purchasing a watch box and the most common materials used in watch box production to ensure you will choose the best watch box possible. Let's get started!

What is a watch box?

Initially, you should know what a watch box is. After you have bought a watch, the next step is to find an appropriate place where to store it when you are not wearing it. Thus, a watch box is a container made for keeping your watches at times when you are not wearing them. This becomes especially important when you own multiple watches. Each one of them is a piece of art and you want to keep them in the best condition and display them accordingly. This especially applies if you are an Apple Watch owner. Owning an Apple Watch storage box can effectively protect the display from scratches and keep your Apple Watch secure.

Watch boxes can be made of various materials, but no matter what kind of material your watch box is made of, it is in your interest that the inside is coated with soft materials, such as velvet, to protect the watch from scratches and damage. Additional soft insert can be fitted to ensure even more protection.

What should you consider before buying a watch box?

Firstly, you should consider its potential size. Depending on the dimension of your collection, you can select a box meant to carry a single, few or even several dozen wristwatches. When choosing the best watch box, you should consider what you want this box to be. Undoubtedly, if you are buying a watch box just for its sole purpose, you can get away with a simple watch storage box to put in your dresser drawer. However, if you like matching your pieces to the interior design of your home, a better idea would be to buy a watch display case that best compliments the interior of the room that it’s going to spend most of its time in. It may bring a nice touch to the interior and serve as a great conversation starter as well.

Secondly, investigate additional details of some watch boxes. The most common feature is an implemented glass window on top of a watch box, so you can view your watch collection without even opening the lid. Acrylic glass will be the cheaper and safer choice, but to achieve a more sophisticated look to your watch box choose one with a real glass window. It is also a way to distinguish lower-end watch boxes from the higher-end ones. Or, if you want to be more cautious, there are plenty of watch boxes with solid cover available. 

Last but not least, watch boxes can serve multiple functions, hence, if you are considering an option which can store not only wristwatches but also jewelry or cufflinks, search for offers that have implemented additional drawers for extra storage. Some more luxurious watch boxes come with incorporated watch winder, as well. These automatic watch winder boxes will be especially useful if you do not plan to wear your watch every day and don't like manual winding. 

Generally, these are the most common aspects of watch box practicality, but its appearance is just as, if not more important. So, what kind of watch box should you get?

Most common watch box materials

Wooden watch boxes

Wood is the most common material used in watch box production. It is not only a high-quality material but also environmentally friendly. Responsibly sourced wood is renewable, so do not worry about harming nature. If you choose to buy a wooden watch box, you can be sure that your watch holder will keep its quality and will not break for a long period of time. The biggest concern about wooden watch boxes may be that they are more likely to be damaged by moisture and humidity.

Wood is also visually appealing and has a natural look and feel. It is versatile. These exposed wood boxes can be a refined interior object and give a room a more natural and fresher look.

If you happen to be an owner of a wooden watch, a watch box made from wood will perfectly compliment your watch. And while we're at it, if you are eyeing a wooden watch box, every Ovi watch comes with a sleek and beautiful wooden watch box.

Amarath Minuit wooden watch

Amarath Minuit wooden watch

Leather watch boxes

If you are leaning towards buying a leather watch box, there are two ways to go – genuine leather or PU leather, which is more commonly known as faux leather.

Usually, the carcass underneath the leather finish will be made from a different material (in most cases wood), but that most definitely does not make the product any less valuable. This kind of watch box will look especially sophisticated in your home. A leather watch box for men can be a great gift for a family member or a significant other. 

In case you choose a genuine leather watch box, you can be sure it will be more durable than faux leather one (its useful lifetime being twice or three times as long). This becomes especially important if your life consists of transporting your watches often. Genuine leather is an affordable material and at the same time looks valuable and elegant. It will be a suitable choice if you are searching for a Rolex watch box. This duo will complement each other creating an elegant image.

On the other hand, if you are someone on the quest for a real leather look, a cheaper option, something that is vegan, or comes in a variety of colors, PU or faux leather will be a finer option for you.

PU leather or polyurethane leather is a cheaper alternative to real leather, and it is more ethically made. It is easy to clean. And the biggest advantage – 100% PU leather is vegan. Nowadays it has become more and more important for people to choose cruelty-free alternatives to already known products. So, if you are vegan, search for 100% PU leather watch boxes to ensure that your products have not been harmful to animals, because in some cases PU leathers contain leftover genuine leather. Downside – your PU leather watch box may wear off faster, but if frequent traveling with your watch collection is not relevant to you, maybe it is worth investigating the available PU leather watch box range.

Leather watch box

Cardboard watch boxes

A great alternative if you do not crave any fancy displays and value simplicity and low cost. Cardboard is the cheapest choice. It also has the biggest potential for customization as you can choose the look of your personalized watch box, as long as the seller allows it. These watch boxes are easier to recycle and do not require large resources for their production. Although cardboard may not seem as sleek and elegant as other materials, it still serves as great interior décor.

Cardboard watch box

Aluminum watch boxes

Aluminum watch boxes can provide an expensive and stylish look to your watches. There are smaller aluminum watch boxes available for everyone who owns a watch and larger watch cases for serious collectors, which can store even 12 or more wristwatches. Some of these watch boxes look like briefcases, so it is easy to transport them everywhere you go. But do not let the sound of aluminum watch case scare you because in most cases they are lined with soft foam to ensure the safety of your pieces. This kind of briefcase would be a more appropriate choice if you travel often and bring your watch collection with you. 

Plastic watch boxes

Due to the diversity of plastic, these watch boxes can vary from plain and simple containers made to carry one wristwatch to cases that remind of the aluminum briefcase ones. If you do not care about having the most luxurious watch box and for you more important is the storage aspect, a plastic watch box may be the way to go. Equipped with good insulating materials it will keep your watch from being damaged by water or any other liquid. They are light and you can customize them easier. A great choice if you are searching for a pop of color to your interior design.

Plastic watch box

Cork watch boxes

This one is a bit unusual, but why not? Cork, which comes from a bark of a tree called the cork oak, is an interesting material, to say the least. Cork is a light, waterproof and strong material, therefore, you can be sure that watch boxes made from cork will keep your watch safe and sound. A great way to bring a bit of nature in your home, if that is the kind of sensation you are going for.

Admittedly, these watch boxes are more often made to store just one or a couple of watches. If you are a passionate collector with tens of wristwatches in your collection, you may need to search other appropriate alternatives. However, if that is not relevant to you, it has the potential to be a unique watch gift box for someone out of the ordinary. 

Fabric watch boxes

Speaking of presents, a watch box made from fabric, most often felt, is potentially a great and heartfelt gift to someone dear. If you are not going for the most elegant and expensive look, but rather something authentic-looking, a felt watch box may be the right choice for you. This watch box will not radiate wealth and elegance, but rather give the feeling of coziness and comfort to its owner.

Collector watch boxes

If you are an avid watch collector, it is obvious, you only want the best watch box to protect your pieces. Luckily, there are lots of offers you can choose from. These watch cases are bigger in size and offer an opportunity to store the entirety of your watch collection in one place. They are made with several rows of compartments to place your watches in, which sometimes can be only a part of multiple level case. Rather fitting would be searching for an automatic watch winder box, to ensure your watches are always ready to wear. Watch boxes, specifically made for collectors, will surprise with their luxury feel and high quality.

Collector watch box

Have you decided which material watch box suits your lifestyle and interests the best? While you still look for the best one, take a look at the range of wooden watches we offer to impeccably complement your new watch box here.

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
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