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Watch Buying Guide: 7 Tips How to Buy Watches Online

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

We live in times where it’s not necessary to go buy things in person. The internet has made our life much easier and now it’s possible to get everything you want from all around the world at any time you want. You can easily shop after work, school, etc. and be satisfied with your purchase. Watches aren’t an exception. Most brands provide not only an easy way for shopping online but are also open to communication so you can make sure it’s the perfect match for yours. How to make sure that exactly this watch will match you? To make your shopping pleasant there are some tips you must keep in mind when buying online, so read further to learn tips from our watch buying guide.


First things first, before you start shopping, make sure you know what you can afford and what not. When it comes to watches, you can spend as much as you want, depending on how much quality, sustainability and functionality you want from it. A good watch is not an easy choice for purchase and online shops are a place that provides a great opportunity to look and consider prices whether they fit into your wallet and budget or not. In fact, there is no one who pushes you to buy it leading to unlikeable choice. You must know that you can find really good watches for an affordable price if you’re not looking after big market players only.

Ovi Rise Blackburn Silver Alloy and Zebrano wood watch

Rise Blackburn Silver Alloy and Zebrano wood watch

Product Branding

Nowadays there are so many people and companies selling watches, that it can be very confusing to consider who you should trust. That’s why after deciding on your budget it’s important to find a reliable watch brand. That's why, when buying online, you should look for an authorized dealer for a brand. In that way, it’s also easier to find any kind of feedback that could put you on the right track of finding one for yourself.  And don’t forget to make sure they have some sort of money-back guarantee. Also, a big role for product branding can play the internet activity of the company, because it often says also a lot about their business activity too. If you have doubts about the company you want to buy from or any deal that has you questioning you should probably look somewhere else. 

Ovi Nigrum walnut wood watch

Nigrum walnut wood watch

Environmentally Friendly Companies

Environmentally friendly companies tend to give you the best because they already show that they care not only for money or at least they are aware of environmental problems. In today’s world, there are many options for you to choose environmentally friendly and ethical products yet receive great product quality. Even more, they often have a wider choice of designs and gravings as well because they are more likely to be made from wood as it’s one of the top renewable natural resources and an easily adaptable material for watchmaking. Look for watches that are handmade and companies that have a passion for fine craftsmanship and you will never be disappointed.

Evelyn walnut wood with an integrated black vegan leather strap

Buy Authentic Watches Online

When selecting a brand next thing you should make sure that watches are authentic. It’s always great to do your research on the watch you intend to buy. Looking at photos of the product, learning a bit more about what the watch looks exactly like is going to save you from throwing money on a fake. Also, it’s not would not be bad to check logos, stamps and trademark designs of the brand you’re buying a watch from as this greatly helps in making the correct choice. If you want to buy a watch it’s best to buy it from the official online store and try to avoid less known sellers because it’s not possible when buying make sure if it’s the real brand. And always check product specifications of your desired watch in the smallest detail before making any purchase, so you can easily match up the specs to differentiate between a designer watch and replica. Authentic watches surely will have the quality of a genuine piece no replica could offer. We recommend choosing brands that sell directly off their own e-commerce site to make sure you buy authentic watches online.

The creation process of Ovi wooden watches 

Watch Material

When it comes to the watch material you'll need to decide among a number of them. From stainless steel, plastic, leather silicone til wood, it’s quite many choices out there for watch cases and watch straps. Which one is the best? Well, if you’re choosing a watch for a lifetime and material that is ethically sourced wood is definitely go-to for that. Wood as material as itself is various and comes in different shades, grains, colors, and designs. But what’s more important it’s sustainable and its lightweight yet durability is the best combination for a watch wearer. Despite the reason you buying one whether it’s a gift for yourself or a loved one, quality is a must-have for an accessory like this. So, when buying online it’s a piece of easy information to get about different wood types and materials.

Ovi Senio timepiece made from teak wood

Senio timepiece made from teak wood

Best Designer Watches

Watch design plays a major decision when buying a watch. There are several reasons and benefits of selecting a watch with a unique design especially when shopping online. Obviously, it’s the main factor in how to say about its authenticity. Do you think someone would put time and effort into making a replica that’s exactly the same? I don’t think so either and it's even quite impossible. Moreover, if you choose to buy a specially engraved wristwatch you can be sure its the first to catch your eye. In fact, choosing a design online may be a whole relaxation. There is no rush and you can find a perfect match for your style and personality. Read more about why designer watches are better than mainstream watch brands here.

Ovi Herbo black alloy and walnut wood watch

Herbo black alloy and walnut wood watch

Personalized Wooden Watch

So we come to the next tip or more like a reason- customized purchase. Ever since past watches aren't just technology or jewelry. They convey your position in the world becoming your own personal statement. It’s cool to keep up with fashion trends but having a customized and carefully selected watch is memorable and it’s easy to keep up good communication with the provider and make sure that there are no hidden flaws. It’s not only an original choice but it’s also a comfortable way to get what you want. Personalized watches are always a perfect choice for a gift because it’s a timeless accessory yet sophisticated luxury. With customized watches, you can make the best gift for someone you love without putting much time and effort in it yet its meaning will be inexpressible and what can be a more relief knowing you can make it happen online without spending hours in shops looking for the best suitable watch or other accessories. Buying watches online gives you a completely different overview of the watches available, and allows you to make decisions and wants carefully in peace.

Ovi Herus maple wood watch with an ancient Roman dial
Herus maple wood watch with an ancient Roman dial


Consider your need for a watch as they come in every shape, size, weight, and color imaginable. It matters on what kind of look and functionality do you want, starting from glamourous looking watches til sports watches or smartwatches. Have you been thinking that your wrist needs a refreshing and elegant look? Or maybe it needs to be suitable for outdoor activities? There’s a lot of different watches out there and one will definitely suit you depending on your lifestyle. There are watches for fashion, business, outdoors, for special occasions or for everything that’s in your wardrobe. When choosing your perfect match, pay attention to features like movement as it’s what makes it go, watch case, the shape of a watch. Research every detail when it’s your chance to do it online without anyone disturbing you. 

Ovi Aurum natural walnut wood watch

 Buying a new watch is an exciting investment and shopping online has many benefits. But before you buy watches online, there are a few things you want to consider and a lot of tricks to watch out for. Use your knowledge from this watch buying guide and to find your perfect watch.

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walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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