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Top 10 Ovi Watch Alternatives to Apple Watch

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments
We are living in a world where smart options have become as significant as the traditional ones. From the art of the craft to the materials used, there are several reasons why many people still prefer traditional watches over smartwatches. There are a lot of choices and traditional alternatives right now packed full of interesting, stylish and for sure, a lot cheaper features that will ensure your wrist always looks fashionable. Take a look at these 10 Ovi Watch alternatives to Apple watch.

10. Ovily

Ovi Wooden Watch Ovily

Both traditional and smartwatches do the same main function. They show time and date. Closely connected to the smartphone smartwatch is an always-wear mobile, with all basic functions of a smartphone. The most annoying feature about it is the life of the battery. Imagine going somewhere, you look at your wrist and it doesn’t show anything anymore. This light and simple wooden watch Ovily is a perfect partner in your everyday life, showing you the time and adding something bright to your outfit without overpowering it. Despite the fact we use smartphones 24 hours per day, we can use the option to leave it somewhere to relax the mind from a busy workday without it. Having a wearable phone on your wrist may be not only exhausting as you keep getting new messages but also doesn’t let you truly enjoy your free time. Live for a moment. And the fact, there is nothing else you can do without a connection to the smartphone. Featuring the main things of a smartphone, a smartwatch is just an additional product, that’s not really necessary to keep in track with all notifications and health and fitness features.

9. Rise Blackburn

Ovi Wooden Watch Rise Blackburn

Completely different fields and so are prices. But when traditional watch includes not only expenses of materials but includes also the story and value of work, the price you pay is truly worth the watch. Comparing to a smartwatch, Ovi watches are made from more sustainable material- wood. Having a silver alloy and zebrano wood case with a fine grain, Rise Blackburn is a better quality alternative for smartwatches. When smartwatch is just another transient fashion tendency, traditional watches have a story of life attached. Speaking about Apple products, today it's clearly intelligible you pay for the brand and status even the product is not worth it. Apple smartwatches are popular because of the newest generation. When investing in an important purchase like this, it’s important to consider which option, traditional or smartwatch, is worth the value.

8. Zebrano Colors

Ovi Wooden Watch Zebrano Colors

A well-designed watch never looks outdated, it even looks better. Smartwatches are bulky, they tend to be more functional than to look good. Traditional watches are irreplaceable. Tiny moving parts fascinate the eye of everyone while luxurious features add a welcome touch of class. Dials of traditional watches are designed to last for a long time. Just like a beautiful piece of jewelry, any Ovi wooden watch is unique and special. Zebrano Colors aren’t an exception. As every wooden watch is handmade where every detail is specially designed and carefully crafted you can even call watchmaking an impressive wearable art.

7. Herus

Ovi Wooden Watch Herus

Smartwatches don’t hold their value as traditional luxury watches do. The unique nature of wood and the value it offers to humanity is undeniable. The more you wear it, the more valuable it becomes as wood gets only better with age. Nowadays people love being in touch with nature more and more and Ovi watch provides it. Traditional watches are complex, sleek, luxury and true craftsmanship. It may be fun and interesting trying out the newest technologies and electronic devices, but traditional watches are still going to be the finest luxury. Look at this Herus wooden watch. It’s a fresh timepiece made from natural maple wood that is sourced from sustainable forests. It holds value no smartwatch does.

6. Evelyn

Ovi Wooden Watch Evelyn

There are things people are afraid to admit to themselves. But in today’s world, we wake up to technology, drive with technology, work with technology and come home to watch technology and use many more other technologies in order to make our lives easier. In a world where everything is digitalized, it’s a gift having many alternatives to stay close to nature and choose not only nature-friendly but also animal-friendly and ethical timepieces. Evelyn wooden watch features an olive wood case and vegan leather strap that will be a celebration of your most powerful moments in life. As technology improves with every day, it’s hard to be always in touch with the newest of them, and it's not even necessary. Stay classy by choosing traditional values.

5. Amare

Ovi Wooden Watch Amare

When it comes to smartwatches, there is not enough style. Surely it’s possible to change the straps or change the watch faces, but that’s it. With traditional timepieces, the style is in the detail and designs possible are endless. The best esthetics and luxury designs are found in traditional watches. Look at this beautifully engraved wooden watch Amare. Every detail is carefully crafted making the watch a truly sophisticated art. When it comes to design and style, almost everyone chooses the traditional watch. Why? Because technologies don’t impress people as classical values do. Enjoy keeping several different watches that hold their value in your wardrobe and wear them for different occasions and varying purposes. 


Ovi Wooden Watch Herbo

We understand that no technology lives forever. In one way or another, they get damaged very fast. That’s why one undeniably important feature traditional watches have over smartwatches is their durability. Smartwatches are typically made from low-cost materials because their main feature isn’t sturdiness. Ovi watches are made of long-lasting material- wood. The Herbo watch features a dark wood and alloy case. Crafted with precision for a sophisticated and elegant result, it will be not only durable for more than a lifetime but also stylish for your outlook. 

3. Purpleheart

Ovi Wooden Watch Purpleheart

Technology evolves rapidly and electronic devices have limited lifespans. Here we are talking not only about functional depreciation, but also moral. This means that watch wearers will find themselves in a need of a new smartwatch when new features and models will come out as most of them feel the same with new smartphones coming out. That means smartwatches get more useless with time whereas traditional watches get only better with age. They transform with exposure to the elements and get even a better look. This wooden watch Purpleheart represents the vibrant colors nature provides us with. Handmade of all-natural amaranth wood this unique wristwatch gives an extraordinary vibe and a mesmerizing look. Wear a wooden watch your whole life and spend the best of your days with a timepiece from nature.

2. Glamurus

Ovi Wooden Watch Glamurus

The most premium materials are used in traditional watches and you can never expect them from smartwatches. Smartwatches come with low-cost material, most employing stainless steel and plastic body with mineral or gorilla glass. All  Ovi wooden watches are made from sustainable and natural materials like wood and leather. Using wood is a more sustainable and healthier alternative than metal and plastic as it's bіоdеgrаdаblе and breaks dоwn in thе еnvіrоnmеnt оvеr time. It’s a renewable resource, that way, making wooden watches nature-friendly watches.

1.Black Prunus

Ovi Wooden Watch Black Prunus

Throughout the centuries, wearing a wristwatch has been not only about having a timepiece but also about having it as a status symbol. Nowadays, the dynamic of the watch as a status symbol still holds true. For businessmen, this is one way how to show his economic capabilities as well as personal taste. Take a look at this extremely versatile and beautiful Black Prunus wooden watch. It speaks business and elegance by itself. Traditional watches are not dependent on technology. This is their function centuries ago, but the idea of being an indicator of wealth, luxury and privilege have separated it from the technological timeline. Watchmaking, specifically luxury watchmaking, is a trade that is held in high regard for good reasons- it’s incredibly specific, takes time to learn and has a long history.


5 Best Apple Watch 2020

There are a number of different Apple Watch options out there. We've listed the best Apple Watch 5 prices and deals that are happening now. Take a look!

1. Apple Watch latest Series 5

If you already have the Apple Watch Series 4, you can feel free to skip this model. In some ways, the Apple Watch latest Series 5 is better than Series 4, but the new features aren't transformative enough to recommend the update. Battery life and plenty of speed remain the same as the previous series, it even looks similar to the previous model but is now available in a new titanium version.

Apple Watch latest Series 5

2. Apple Watch Series 4 deals

Apple Watch Series 4 deals stock has been a little difficult to find in some regions, especially now that the Apple Watch 5 is out. Every feature about this watch says that this watch is as good as Apple Watch Series 5, except, Apple Watch Series 4 is cheaper than the next series watches. Comparing to Apple Watch Series 3, it's not only worth the upgrade but also the design which now is more attractive with a larger screen, losing those large black bezels.

Apple Watch Series 4 deals

3. Apple Watch Hermes Series 4

The most unique feature of this watch is the strap. The watch has specially designed faces and handcrafted leather straps. The extra-long strap wraps twice around the wrist and is available in four color-ways. Then there's the classic Hermès design with a buckle inspired by a horse's saddle. It's also available in four color-ways and there's a hidden deployment buckle version too. The strap, which is available in a choice of two colors, opens with a click of the two side buttons. Under its stylish look, Apple Watch Hermes Series 4 is more likely to be the same as any other Series 4. 

Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes Edition

4. Nike+ Series 4 Apple Watch

This watch has all the standard Series 4 software features, including the sports and health ones. Nike+ Series 4 Apple Watch is designed inspired by gym enthusiasts and athletes. As it's made for sports activities there are two types of straps. One is rubbery particle design with air holes that keep sweaty wrists cool, and another fabric version- the Nike Sport Loop- with reflective thread for those who like to run in the dark. 

Nike+ Series 4 Apple Watch

5. Iwatch Series 3 deals

Being more affordable than Series 4, Iwatch Series 3 deals still has GPS and 4G and it runs the latest software. It may be not as exciting as the newest series but it still includes essential features. Although it’s slightly chunkier with a smaller screen, it still has the digital crown for easy and unobscured navigation, the same capacity level of water resistance and optical heart sensor. This means that it can be used for all the main exercise and health functions but may not support the latest apps that make use of the Series 4’s.

 Iwatch Series 3 deals

Living life with time well spent is more important than the busyness of everyday life. In a world in which constantly enter new modern technology, having a reliable timepiece that doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection or charger is freeing. In this case, less is more. Despite this technological outbreak, the traditional watch stays in their place. Love for mechanical watches is immortal.

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