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Original Wood Wrist Watches for Men and Women

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

The modern world is advanced and we all have an ability to have the time blink on our cell phones, tablets and laptops but still, the vitality of wrist watches can’t be undermined! No matter we are getting late for the meeting, flight, lecture or simply waiting for someone, we all share common mannerism which is ‘the reflexive watch check’! This is one of the reasons that we spend so much of our lives in rotating our writs and looking at the time and therefore we should have something classy, beautiful or interesting to look at!

Ovi Wooden Watches has brought an elegant range of wooden watches to beautify your wrist!

Black Wooden Watch on

The watch market is full of wristwatches from different brands, styles, materials, and designs but the eternal wristwatches are always talk of the town! All Wooden Watches focuses on creating the watches from reclaimed and recycled wood material to create an eco-friendly as well as a fashionable line of watches. The wood that we select is completely free of toxic and artificial materials as we roam the entire globe to choose the best for you! We understand that the appeal of a wristwatch goes well beyond mere time-telling and they are one of those accessories which speak about one’s personal style! Our exotic range of handmade wooden watches is uncomplicated and available in plenty of quality designs at a price that suits your budget.

Handmade Wooden Watch for Men

Strapped snugly on the left or right wrist, watches speak of class, taste, your definition of elegance and style and of course punctuality!

This is the reason that Ovi wooden watches leaves no stone unturned in crafting the best pieces of wood sophisticatedly and incredibly into small machinery which demands no maintenance and are no less than high- performance automobiles! Our experts carve out the strength and elegance of elm, cherry tree, walnut, and teak wood versions in these wooden wrist watches to not only make it high in quality but also timeless! The watches speak about the hard work and expertise invested in creating this little piece of elegance for your wrists and you would realize the same after checking our wide range of products.

Wooden Watch for men

At Ovi, we would love to design the watch the way you wish! If you have a certain pattern or design in mind then our artists can carve it out exclusively for you! If our watch configurator doesn’t have something which you are looking for and you want to engrave something special of straps, or you want some customization on watch faces etc. then we are more than happy to design a watch of your thoughts! We believe in selling timeless creations in the industry of wooden watches and thus our manufacturers put in their indefinite time and effort to create such masterpieces.

Wooden Watch for men

So if you haven’t come across the watch of your dreams yet, then you need not look any further! And if you already have your favorite collection then the wooden watch is going to add feathers of diversity and elegance! Visit us at and check out our beautiful range of wooden watches for your beautiful and sturdy wrist!

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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