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Meet Our New Product - Wooden Laptop Stands

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

Nowadays, when owning a laptop is self-evident and we spend long hours working with them, it becomes more and more important to make this experience as comfortable as possible. That is why the Ovi Watch team is proud to introduce the latest addition to our product range – wooden laptop stands.

METOD - Red Wood Laptop Stand

METOD wooden laptop stand

Some may ask - what is the most important reason to own a laptop stand? The answer – comfort. While spending the long hours using your MacBook or any other notebook, it is easy to get tired and stiff very easily. That is where our portable laptop stand comes in. Using this ergonomic laptop stand will help reduce the tiredness that comes from sitting in the wrong position. It will lift your laptop enough that its screen will be situated in a comfortable angle for your eyes. This means that you will no longer have to slouch and tilt your head forward to match the screen's position. Sitting in a correct position relieves the pressure on your spine, reducing the possibility of health problems in the future.

STRIMMIG - Walnut Wood Laptop Stand

STRIMMIG walnut wood laptop stand

Secondly, a laptop stand for desk can help with the cooling process of your notebook. If you work with a lot of complex programs, they put a lot of pressure on your laptop's work capacity, making it overheat pretty quickly. However, this laptop holder lifts the computer from any surface and lets air get to cooling mechanisms easier.

Additionally, this wooden laptop stand protects your notebook from accidental liquid spills on your desk. Something like this has happened to every one of us at least once and the consequences coming from this accident can be expensive and time-consuming, to say the least. Another great thing that characterizes the new laptop stand is that there is no need to worry about it taking up a lot of space. While disassembled, this laptop stand takes up almost no space, so you can store it in your desk drawers or in your bag easily. Due to its simple design, assembling and disassembling takes a few seconds. Just take the two separate parts and interlock them together.

BODARP - Zebra Wood Laptop Stand

BODARP zebra wood laptop stand

Finally, a laptop table helps to keep your workspace organized and stylish. Our wooden laptop stand will be a modern and sleek accessory for your workspace, making everyone wonder where to get such a practical and gorgeous addition to their workspace.

The brand new laptop stands are available in 6 different wood variations, giving you the option to choose the best match for your style. Check out the full range and select the best one HERE.

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