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Meet Ivo Asns the Founder and Designer of Ovi Wooden Watches

by Anita Lazdeniece on 0 Comments

Ivo Asns Founder of Ovi Watch

People say if you really want to get to know a person, look at his work. We think you should dig a little deeper. Ovi Watch founder and designer Ivo Asns is known for his unique designs and handcrafted wooden watches, but do you know him?

We figured an interview style blog post is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know him better. Find out what inspires him, how he does what he does and his future goals for Ovi Watch.

What's your philosophy?

When I’m creating watches I always want to create something original, different from the ordinary. I like to challenge myself and push boundaries. The more I work, the more I want to create more sophisticated designs and use finer creative crafting methods. Anyone who has been following us for a while can see the development by comparing my first designs with those that are currently being created.

One word that best describes how you work


Engraved Wooden Watch

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

I can't do without my design programs - Coreldraw, Blender, Wickr Pro. I couldn’t make a wooden watch without my working tools for wood processing and watch parts. If we are speaking about my perfect working environment then I can surely say that there has to be an option to make a cup of tea. I always need to be in a good mood and have some background noise. I don't like working in silence, so I usually turn on some music or a show in the background. 

Where do you get the inspiration?

Inspiration for designs I often get when I'm going to sleep (chuckles). But on a daily basis, if I notice an interesting woodworking method, I think of using it in my technique. The ideas come whilst working, sometimes after watching a video, there have been times when I have been inspired by movies - I watch a lot of movies. Ideas are also given by colleagues. When the idea comes, I sit at the computer and think how it could be realized. Sometimes the idea can be good, but you should always think if it will look sympathetic in real life.

Ivo Asns Ovi Watch

What are your future goals?

I want to learn a variety of techniques, create more sophisticated designs that have never been seen anywhere. I am currently working on a watch with a Viking design that will be quite a challenge. I want every design we introduce to our audience to be a WOW, because only then we will be able to have a break through in this big industry. We always want to be fresh and improve our quality. We want to expand our customer base around the world, take part in various exhibitions and find partners to expand our business. We are a globally minded company. We feel that more and more people will appreciate handmade things made from natural materials.

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Ovi Watch
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