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Mandala King - The Art Of Watch Making

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

If you want to purchase a new watch or gift a great watch to a friend, the Mandala King can be a very good option. But is this watch worth the investment and if so, how much should you spend on it? Let’s find out!

This is a watch that has a very distinct design. The idea behind is that it’s an artwork similar to the mandala style that many of us know and love. Since the product is handcrafted from walnut tree wood, it looks amazing and it also offers a great set of features too.

Wooden Watch Mandala King by Ovi Watch

The straps are pure vegetable tanned leather, which means you won’t have to worry about adherence and quality. The unique design on the straps does make it stand out, and it brings in front some amazing features that you will like quite a lot. The strap is burnished, waxed and dyed by hand.

You can also choose to add signs on the strap if you want. The high level of value and customization does make this stand out.

Moreover, this watch is powered by Swiss movements. Despite not being a Swiss watch, it does offer the same principles. So yes, not only do you have a very good design but the product also works quite nicely and it brings in front a really good return on investment too.

You can share your name and a unique artwork will be created based on that. Once your name is received, the product will be handcrafted on Ovi Wooden Watch face. This will be duplicated on the strap too, although you can also come with your own models if you want. This makes the visuals very impressive and you will have no problem modifying and customizing everything in any way you want without any restrictions.

Mandala watch by Ovi Watch

The Mandala King also has a Sapphire crystal glass. The glass on its own is magnificent and the unit does stand out thanks to its great features and a tremendous focus on visuals. At a diameter of around 42 mm, this watch can easily be suitable for both men and women. It’s a very nice, interesting piece and one that does look amazing, that’s for sure.

The most interesting part of the Mandala King is surely its weight. Unlike most watches nowadays, this is made from wood. Because of that, it weighs only 22 g. The Mandala King is said to be one of the lightest watches in the world. As a result, you can move it with great ease and you will not have a problem enjoying its use in no time. If you love watches and want something unique, the Mandala King is a very good option. It also makes for a very good gift, as the watch does look amazing and it has some really interesting features. So, you should consider checking it out, as this is a very distinct, beautiful, and lightweight model everyone will love!

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