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Custom Made Wooden Watch Perfect Gift for Business Partner and Family

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

Who never wears a watch? Watches are the kind of accessories that accompany us through our daily life. Whether we are at work, hiking in the middle of the forest, on vacation, playing with our family, they are always with us.

Custom made wooden watch is a unique watch that you can give to your friend or any member of your family. Generally, it comes with a matching wooden box for storage. Your family or business partner will always remember the unique look of the wood watch. Unlike normal watches, wooden watches form a perfect balance between unique and classic, with a natural touch of wood and timeless design.

Engraved Wooden Watch Zelus

Reason You’re Making the Right Choice with Wooden Watch

All Wood Accessory is Exceptional

A wooden watch is made of wood and this is what makes it unique. In a single tree, there could be different shades of wood, different shapes and different grains. This is the reason why, for the same model, same design, each watch will showcase its unique nature.

They’re Eco-Friendly

You can say the same for a few accessories. Wearing custom-made wooden watch reflect before everything else. Wooden watches are made by hand with natural wood. Wood is solid, durable, biodegradable and recyclable material. By buying custom made wristwatch from OVI, and giving it to your family or business partner, you’re fighting against deforestation.

Handmade gifts

They’re Cool

This is an ideal gift because the receiver that makes use of this piece will not go unnoticed. It will be the center of attention, the business partner or family member will get a lot of compliments.

Charon Wooden Watch

Who Could Receive A Custom Made Wooden Watch Gift?

  • Beloved Ones

You would give anything to him or her and from a new relation to your wedding anniversary; this unique gift will touch the heart of the receiver. It can be engraved with a sentence, a name or just the date you want to always remember. You can also get a unique souvenir that’s carved from the date of your proposal.

  • Relatives

Telling your sister, brother, mom or father how much you love them have always been difficult. You’re not the only one feeling that way. This is why you need to get them a custom-made wooden watch as a gift, because words can’t describe this personal connection.

  • Business Partner

The custom-made wooden watch allows you to add the logo of your company to the watch face. You will send the logo design to get a digital mock-up of the watch. Match the watch origin year with the year the company was created, anniversary or other memorable year. It’s a perfect gift for business partner.

Black Wooden Watch

At Ovi Watch, we have custom-made wooden watches that are ideal for business partner, friends and family. This watch is a personal and engraved gift that will be cherished forever. We offer custom straps with engravings on them which makes them ideal gift for business partner or family member.

We can engrave on top or at the back of the watch. Also, the features of our watch include Swiss movement, light watch and sapphire crystal glass.

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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