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Best Engraved Unique Wood Watches

by Anita Lazdeniece on 0 Comments

There are two things that make a wooden watch unique - the lustrous color and the designs you can carve into the material. We invite you to explore the best engraved wooden watches for men and women, engraved leather watch straps, and some wooden wall clocks for your home and office interior.

Wood is a versatile material, which can be modified to any desire. A talented designer can create a piece of art from a single wood plank. You can see the true craftsmanship in the intricate engravings in the wooden watches face or back. And the best part, every design will be unique, as a piece of wood has different shades of coloring in the wood grain.

Anyone wants to make purchases that are of value for their money, and that’s where the engraved wooden watches come into play. These timepieces are unlike anything you can find out there. They look amazing and the unique delicate designs make them into great statement pieces that will definitely be worth the investment. Plus, they are not that expensive when compared to designer watches. Sounds pretty great? In our watch collections you can find Engraved womens watches, Engraved mens watches, Engraved leather watch straps and Wooden wall clocks.

Engraved Womens Wooden Watches

In our wooden watch collection for women we offer quite a variety of engravings that are made with the utmost precision. You can truly celebrate your feminine nature with different designs that carry meaning, are mesmerizing to look at, and will never get boring to you. How are we so sure? Well, wood is a unique material that will develop an even more beautiful color over time, and that will definitely make the design look more special and highlight different details that you haven’t noticed before.


Red Women Wooden Watch Amare with Swiss Movement

If you want a stand out piece and you appreciate unique accessories, then this wooden engraved Amare wristwatch is the perfect fit. The vibrant red color and intricate design in the watches dial is something that will bring you positive vibes every day. The details is actually a Mandala sign with the meaning of love and to be loved, which makes it as the perfect gift for your loved ones. Plus, this watch comes with an engraved leather watch strap, which just doubles the experience.


Engraved Maple Wood Watch with Swiss Movement in wood gift box

Add a real charm and luck to your personality with this elegantly engraved wooden Fortuna wristwatch. It is an ideal choice for your Boho style outfits. The watch’s face is crafted by designing a Mandala artwork from the word Luck. If you’re confused with different available choices, this watch is the best handcrafted option you can go with. Not only does it add beauty to your personality, but also the natural Maple wood gives a stylish yet soothing touch to your outfits.


Engraved Womens Wood Watch

The Charon wooden watch has a delicate design that looks like a sunshine on your wrist. Made from natural maple wood the engraved design will shine light golden tones to refresh any look. Combined with nude colored leather strap, this model is as versatile as you can get. It will be easy to match with light and dark clothing, which is perfect for a lady who enjoys Minimalist style. With this style the best way, how to make your outfit more interesting, is by accessorizing. And this engraved design is the golden gateway for something not too complex, but still exciting to look at.

Red Magnolia

If you want something classic, but with a pop of color and originality, the Red Magnolia watch is the right design for you. It is a strong symbol for passion, love and romance - a statement on its own. This engraved wooden watch combines 4 types of wood and holds the meaning of appreciation of beauty. The detailed petals are delicately dyed to create a blooming beauty that will bring joy for years to come. It is a true piece of art designed by our best craftsman. Feel feminine and sophisticated with this timepiece on your wrist.  

Engraved Men's Wooden Watches

Most men choose wristwatches as their prime accessory, though their taste varies. If you are looking for something extraordinary that won’t come with a heavy price tag, offer quality and master class designs, our wooden watch collection for men offers wrist watches with engravings that will justify all these traits. The engraved watches for men are very different, uncommon, but naturally beautiful. It may seem that design will be too much for everyday wear, but actually these designs are subtle enough to match with any outfits. Wear it when you are feeling casual or match it with your business suit.

King Mandala

Walnut Wood Men Engraved Watch King Mandala

The King Mandala watch might be the ruler of the wooden watches for men. This watch is a true piece of art. The intricate engravings in the watches dial and the engraved leather strap makes it one of the mostly appreciated designs. The walnut wood over time will develop a golden brown patina, which will highlight the Mandala even more. If you want to feel like royalty, this watch is definitely meant for you. It is a statement that you are not a force to be reckoned with.


large Engraved Mens Watch

This watch represents the strength and mightiness of the mythical creature Basilisk as it is bigger in size than other of our wooden watches. The detailed design in Basileus dial and leather strap makes it a magnificent timepiece. The wearer of Basileus will feel the power coming from their wrist. No matter what you do or where you go this wooden watch will make a statement. We want to add that its slightly bigger size doesn’t take away the comfort we provide with all of our crafts.


Latvietis Wrist Watch

This engraved wooden watch is truly a unique piece and something close to our hearts. Created in honor of Latvia’s Centenary the design represents our country’s contour. This wooden wrist watch holds a special meaning of patriotism. Engraved in natural Padouk wood this watch won’t stay unnoticed as the naturally vibrant color will shine in bright and dim lighting. Just like our little nation in the broad world map.


Engraved Dark Men Watch

Zelus is another proof of beautiful designs that can be made out of wood. The Mandala engraving in the watch’s dial is truly mesmerizing to look at. Made out of natural walnut wood this timepiece has a lustrous patina that will make it shine on your wrist for years to come. If you are looking for something elegant and eye-catching this wooden watch is a perfect fit.

But maybe you are looking for something else? You can also create a personalized wooden watch with engravings that are important to you. Feel free to choose the desired design for your wristwatch and we can easily create it. At Ovi Watch workshop any idea can come to life.

Engraved Leather Watch Straps

Engraved Watch Strap

What makes our wooden watches even more special is the engraved leather watch straps. Most of our engraved wooden watches are complemented with a delicately engraved watch strap that has an intricate Mandala design. These natural vegetable tanned leather straps are non-toxic and comfortable to wear. Besides, we have them in different colors - dark brown, beige or red. They fit perfectly with the different watch designs from our wooden watch collection.

If you are looking for something else, we also offer customization. Pick the color you like, the design you want to see on your leather strap and we will make it for you. Spice up a simplistic watch dial design with an engraved watch strap and you will get the best of both worlds. There is no better way, how to make a unique piece - customized to make your dream watch into reality.

Engraved Wooden Wall Clocks

Another speciality of our craft is creating wooden wall clocks. Every feature that is usually seen in a typical wall clock, like the numerals, is carefully engraved into the dial by our product designer. What makes these wall clocks stand out in the sea of other manufacturers, is that they are made out of a natural material - wood, they are not made in some big factory, but crafted in a small workshop with utmost care, and they are customizable. Yeah, you can actually create your own unique wooden wall clock - color, material, engraving, shape - you name it, we make it. Guaranteed that it will match perfectly with your interior.

Roman Wall Clock

Large Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

This dark brown wooden wall clock will stand out in a minimalistic, Scandinavian style interior and compliment an Art Deco style room. The ancient Roman dial that is engraved in a 3D effect makes this timepiece unique as it joins the new and old eras. It will always be in style and serve you for years as it is made from durable materials. If you are looking for versatility and unlimited options, this wall clock is a perfect choice.

Dark Wooden Wall Clock

Black Wooden Wall Clock Engraved

The rich black color of this wooden wall clock will look amazing on walls with any color of the rainbow. It will bring some contrast into your interior design with in a simple, yet unique way. Complemented with an ancient Roman dial, which is engraved in the clocks dial, this unique timepiece will look stunning for years. To give it a more luxurious feel, the clock hands are colored gold. It is an elegant and sophisticated clock, perfect for decorating your cabinet, living room or bedroom.

White Wooden Wall Clock

White Wooden Wall Clock Engraved

This bright white wooden wall clock will add freshness to any interior. You can’t wish for a more versatile timepiece than this one. The contemporary style and classic engraving in this wall clock will be a great fit for Minimalistic interior, if you want to keep it fresh and clean. To achieve that accurate time reading and contrast, the clock hands are dyed rich black. You can never go wrong with black and white. Add this wooden wall clock to your office space, studio apartment, bedroom, and even kitchen to feel the experience. 

Personalized Wooden Wall Clock

Large Wall Clock with Engraved Logo Company

If our engraved wooden watch collection doesn’t suit your fancy, you have the possibility to design your own wooden wall clock with modern requirements in mind. A wall clock plays a vital role in improving your room’s ambiance. So, it should look exactly the way you want it to. Elegant and discrete or maybe engraved with something dear to you, a company logo or a personal message for a gift - we can make it all to add a wow factor to your home or offices. 

Quality matters when it comes to obtaining amazing watches, and that’s where a good wooden watch with engravings comes into play. As you have probably realized, we create a variety of them. Ovi Watch team is always inspired to create something even more artistic and top the designs created beforehand. For more engraved wooden watches viewing pleasure, check us out on Instagram.
walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
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