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Benefits of Laptop Stands - Posture Improvement and Preventing Back Pain

by Madara Anete Auna on 0 Comments

Laptops have completely changed the way we work, giving office workers the opportunity to get rid of the traditional 9 - 5 business hours and perform computer tasks from virtually anywhere. This is great because it is possible to plant remotely from home or any other place, but it creates additional risks and burdens.

When you place the laptop on the surface, you will have to look down to see the screen. The weight of your head hanging forward puts a huge strain on your spine, which can cause pain and even long-term injuries over time. It's so common that it even has a name: technical neck.

To avoid the neck of the machine when working with a laptop, you need to find a way to raise it to a more comfortable viewing and viewing height. Of course, you can improvise with piles of books or boxes, but you may need to move a bit to find the right height - and you can't guarantee that your home-made solution will be stable, safe, or particularly nice to look at. It is also important that the stand or elevation does not take up much space and is easy to install

Spine and neutral posture

If you work for a long time using a laptop, you will guarantee a load on the neck and back, so after a few hours of work you will feel fatigue and stiffness in the neck area. As well as long-term adherence to this work style, will cause you tension even if you are outside working hours. The laptop stand will raise your screen to a comfortable eye level, eliminating the strain on the neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective, which will not only avoid tension and pain, but also the formation of incorrect posture.

Increased Productivity

Working in a comfortable position will increase the speed and accuracy of administration. You are also less likely to get sick, as well as increase endurance and concentration without disturbing the discomfort. An open posture - not bent over the screen, will improve breathing and blood circulation, helping you feel better and more alert.

You will probably get tired much faster when working on a laptop without a laptop stand. This is due to poor posture and eye strain when looking at the screen.


If you use a computer stand, you will be able to do several things at the same time, for example, if you need an additional external monitor, then using a laptop stand will make it easier for you to see both screens, as they will be possible even at the same height. Which will make it easier and more comprehensive to perceive data and information. So it will make your multitasking much easier.

Easy to relocate

Laptops allow us to work from just about anywhere we want. But without a proper desk setup, you’re likely to start feeling uncomfortable and stiff very soon.

Laptop stands are as lightweight and portable as the laptop itself, so they can be easily packaged and carried along with you. This means you can have an ergonomic workspace wherever you go and whenever you want to move.

Avoid overheating

When you use a laptop on a flat surface there is often a build-up of heat, so your computer can get a little bit slower and cause your laptop’s performance to suffer and may result in a shorter than average lifespan.

By raising the height of your device using a laptop stand you’ll increase the airflow underneath which helps keep the device cool, preventing the risk of damage and ensuring its longevity.

Style and chic

Like all accessories, it is possible to choose a laptop stand modern and adapted to your computer and personal style. You can also choose the material from which it is made.

Protection from spills and mess

Propping your laptop up on a stand keeps it elevated from the surface of your workstation, protecting it from any accidental drink or food spillage. As you'll be maybe using an external mouse and keyboard you'll also limit the amount of dirt being transferred onto the laptop, keeping it in good working order for longer.


People are increasingly choosing and being forced to work remotely, so working hours are often longer and it is imperative to think about doing work quickly and efficiently without creating unnecessary distractions like a stiff back or a sore neck. We offer not only easy to fold and carry, but also environmentally friendly laptop stands, which you can also personalize with an engravings. Getting a laptop stand is without a doubt the best decision you can make to improve your posture and increase your productivity at work. Once you start using one you’ll realise what you had been missing out on for so long.

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