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8 Tips How To Select a Mens Watch For Husband, Father, Boyfriend etc.

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

When the decision about getting a wristwatch is made, the question is- how to choose one? It may be quite a difficult experience not only because there are many timepieces to choose from, but also they all have different qualities and features. The right watch matches both personality and style. To make your choice easier, we have selected 8 tips about how to select a men's watch for your husband, father, boyfriend, cousin, friend, etc.

1. Watch material

The first thing you should consider is the material. There are different kinds of materials used in watchmaking such as stainless steel, titanium, wood, ceramics, gold, silicone rubber, plastic, and others. Which one you will choose will determine the longevity of the watch as well as its aesthetics. Stainless steel and titanium by look are quite similar materials. Stainless steel is a material that is used in most watches because it’s a relatively cheap alternative, but titanium as a material for watches is more durable, which makes it also more expensive. Although stainless steel has a decidedly shinier look than titanium, titanium watches are a better choice if the person you giving it too chooses durability overlook. If you don’t know what kind of material to choose, wood may be the one. Wood as a material is extremely durable and versatile, looking very modern on a man's wrist. Coming in different types such as cherry wood, teak, maple, walnut, padouk, amaranth, zebrano un cumaru, wood has various designs, so one of them will suit the person you want to give it to. Which type of wood choose? You can read about them here. And, in fact, wood is a material you can easily combine with different materials, for example, stainless steel. Ceramic watches are light and they are hard to scratch but they are also very easy to broke. If a ceramic case falls onto a hard surface from a few feet or more, there is a good chance that it may shatter. Gold watches are an ideal way to make a statement. It’s hard to deny that gold watches make great gifts, but it’s an expensive luxury, which means it could be very unpleasant to go wrong with it, especially if you don’t know which kind of precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) they prefer. Silicone rubber and plastic as materials are very durable and versatile but as we all know they are very unpleasant materials for the environment and in fact, they will never be as attractive and worthy as, for example, wood, especially for men. Men must wear something strong that will represent their status. Despite that, these watches also tend to get scratched fast and tend to lose their shape much more than other material watches.

Men's Ovi Riga Class Watch With Silver Alloy and Olivewood

Silver Alloy and Olivewood Watch

2. Watch Face Sizes

Choose the right size of the watch. Depending on wrist size, the general rule is to select watches with face diameters between 34mm- 50mm. One thing you always need to keep in mind is proportion. Proportion is the key to selecting a watch that will compliment your style and not look weird on the wrist. The bigger the wrist the bigger the watch face you need to choose. It would be inappropriate to choose a watch with a small watch face for a serious businessman. As well as you need to choose the right size of a watch face you need to choose the right width of the watch strap. When choosing a watch for men, try to avoid narrow watch straps.

Men's Ovi Wooden Watch Avium

Wooden Watch Avium 

3. Watch Band Materials

The same as the watch faces watch straps can be made from different materials. The most common are leather straps, stainless steel straps, nylon banding strap, silicone rubber watchband, polyurethane rubber, wood, titanium watch band, and a ceramic watchband. Leather as a material for watch strap is the most durable of all materials. There are three different types of leather, which differ by quality and price. Genuine leather is the type that is the best choice for the men watch strap as the quality is relatively high, the price- average and the look of the leather is luxurious. Nylon is one of the best materials for wristwatch straps. Nylon straps include qualities like durability, practicality, timeless in design, comfort and water resistance and they are more breathable than other materials. Silicone, polyurethane rubber, wood, titanium, and ceramic as materials have the same features for watch straps as a material for the watch face. If you’re looking forward to buying a watch for someone you care for or yourself, keep in mind that leather always represents classic, formality, and elegance, making it a safe choice for everyone.

Men's Ovi Wooden Watch Black Prunus

Wooden Watch Black Prunus

4. Watch Shapes

Coming in different shapes like round, rectangular, square or polygon and other, a traditional round-shaped watch is a classic that is worn by most. Round cases just make sense when a circular display is the clearest way to show and read the time. Round watches are having a minimalistic yet very beautiful and classy look. They not only sit better on the wrist and more comfortably align with the strap but also the design is also more pleasing to the eye. Rectangular, square, polygon-shaped watches are unusual for people and therefore more distinctive. Undeniably there are many men who prefer square-shaped watches manages to nail a smart, sophisticated aesthetic all the while remaining unique and modern. They could be a unique gift for extraordinary people, but if your task is to choose a gift for someone you don’t know well, the round is a shape you can never go wrong with.

Men's Ovi Wooden Watch Cursus

Wooden Watch Cursus

5. Watch Movement 

When buying a watch, we expect quality. The main watch movements are Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic and Manual, so we are going to tell you about the basics of each. The quartz mechanism is one of the most accurate types of movement currently being produced, which makes it a perfect choice. It's not only less expensive than mechanical and automatic watches but also more durable as it has fewer moving parts that may require repairing. On the other hand, mechanical movement makes wristwatches move into the luxury category. As it comes with special craftsmanship purchasing a mechanical watch can be quite an investment. With proper care, a well-built mechanical watch will last a lifetime. The second form of mechanical movements are automatic watch movements. What makes them different is that automatic watches harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. This movement is a popular choice because the wearer doesn’t have to replace batteries or wind the watch to ensure constant operation. As long as the watch is worn regularly, it will maintain power without requiring manual winding. When it comes to wristwatches with Mechanical and Automatic movements, purchasing one is considered a luxury, even if these movements are not as durable as tiny details tend to break more. The manual movement will most likely be at the heart of an antique watch. This watch movement called a hand-wound movement can be a perfect choice who prefers and values old-fashioned things. When the watch with an automatic movement you need to wear once or twice a week to keep it going, manual movement requires daily winding to keep the movement going, which means it needs extra care. The price, quality, details, simplicity, or maintenance are things to consider when choosing a watch, depending on a person's likes.

Men's Ovi Wooden Watch Grandis With Japanese Quartz Movement

Japanese Quartz movement 

6. Watch Dial

Every detail matters. When the market provides so many different watches, you have a decision to choose the perfect one. Firstly, watch dials come in different colors. The most common ones are black, white or blue. The black color is mostly associated with power and formality. The white one means purity and light. The blue one characterizes trust, confidence, and intelligence. On a men's wrist, especially good looks black and blue color dials as they are not usually white ones and are such strong colors. Secondly, there are different types of dials. There are the ones we are used to, but there is also Engraved or 3D Ancient Roman dial, dials with numbers, without them or even clear dial without any kind of reference points. Which one to choose? For a minimalist, you can choose the usual watch dials. Or you can even choose a watch without it. You may think a watch without a dial may be useless as you can’t tell time precisely, but it’s a bit underrated option. A watch without a dial is a super-fashionable accessory when a minute forward and backward doesn’t matter. Even if it doesn’t have a dial, you can tell which time it is. The ancient Roman dial is something more than an ordinary dial and will be perfect for those who like to be different. Wearing a watch with an ancient Roman dial can make you feel like you are wearing something more worthy than just a watch.

Ovi Men's Wooden Watch Zelus

Wooden Watch Zelus

7. Engraving and Design

We always want people around us to get a good impression of us and with the right watch, you can make it. When choosing a watch for someone, you need to think about their personality, interests, hobbies. For example, you can’t buy a mandala designed, small detailed, engraved watch for someone who likes minimalistic style or bright yellow watch for a businessman who has a classical business style. The good thing is, nowadays there are many engravings and designs of watches that can match directly your style. From various colors to small detailed designs, wooden watches are the ones with that much variety of designs and engravings, because wood is a material that can be modified to any desire. You can find a special design for your loved one, your best friend or you can find the right design for a sports enthusiast- the variety of designs and engravings is endless. 


Men's Ovi Wooden Watch Zebrano Colors

Zebrano Colors

8. Custom Made Watches

If you want a really special and unique watch for someone you care for, despite the offer the market provides, you can customize your watch. Wood is a versatile material, which can be modified to any desire, that’s why wooden watches are the most beautiful watches of all. Custom made wooden watch is an original gift for everyone. Is it a friend, family member, or your life partner, it’s a gift for a lifetime, that will constantly remind the person of you. 

Men's Ovi Wooden Watch Basileus

Wooden Watch Basileus

After all, a watch is a very personal purchase. The secret is to know what you want, what you want to say about yourself or the person the watch is meant for, and what you can afford. Choose the right watch wisely, keeping in mind these 8 tips about how to select men's watch for husband, father, boyfriend, cousin, friend, or anyone else you love and have a special experience giving it.

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walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
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