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8 Reasons Why Are Steel Watches So Popular

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

There are a lot of material watches out there but somehow people keep choosing exactly steel watches. If you look for watches you’ll see that steel is the most popular style in the watch industry. But what makes them so popular, collectible and expensive? And how to choose steel in your watches? Keep reading to know more and look out for our best pics of our steel timepieces in combination with wood.

Common Steel Alloys

As a material, it’s practical and is the most widely used watch material. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and sometimes other elements like chromium. And because it has high tensile strength and low cost, it’s a major component used in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, trains, automobiles, machines, appliances, and weapons. Moreover, common steel alloys can be recycled over and over again without loss of property and compared to other materials, requires relatively low amounts of energy to produce that makes also a good impact on the environment. Innovative lightweight steels, such as those used in automobiles and buildings, help to save energy and resources. In fact, the steel industry has made immense efforts to limit environmental pollution and dust emissions in the last decades.


Silver alloy and wooden watch

Best Budget Luxury Watches

Let’s start with the most obvious reason- steel watches offer a lot of options including prices. Most of the stainless steel watches are eminently affordable, even those from prominent makers. While platinum watch cases that comparing to others are the priciest due to the complexity of machining and the cost of material and gold is the most popular precious metal for its recognizable color, stainless steel is usually the metal of choice for sports or affordable watches. There are cheaper and more expensive alternatives, so a customer with a tighter budget still has a choice, creating a larger audience too. Only exceptional vintage stainless steel watches are outrageously expensive. And, for sure, it’s one of the most available material watches on the market. Ovi watches also include a lot of watch models where stainless steel is an integral part of watches. Stainless steel in a combination with wood gives a watch an extra uniqueness and value. One of our recommended choices is this Herbo model which features a dark wood in a combination with alloy cases and dark leather strap. Cerated with precision, it gives a wearer a sophisticated and elegant result.

Ovi Dark Wood And Alloy Case Watch Herbo

Dark wood and alloy case watch

Luxury Fashion Watches

Stainless steel watches are so common, affordable, and fashionable luxury fashion watches today. What makes these watches so requested is that you can wear them to wear them and combine them with everything. If you are a bracelet wearer it’s even more exclusive if these watches paired with a full steel bracelet. On the other hand, if you are a bracelet wearer but don’t want a steel watch, you can find watches where steel is in detail. For that case, a wooden watch with a steel case can be a perfect choice. It still matches your bracelet yet giving your outlook a special appearance. Take a look at Ovi New York Class silver alloy and wooden watch. You can already see that olive wood watch in combination with silver alloy timepiece flows seamlessly into any outfit.

Ovi silver alloy and wooden watch New York Class

Silver alloy and wooden watch

Standard Watch

From then until now, steel watches have been like a standard for watches. From the second half of the 20th century that the metal began to take hold and it still has a place in today’s world because a standard steel watch is grounded in practical confidence. As it has no exotic pretenses it looks and feels simpler than other material watches. Moreover, they tend to be a lot lighter than watches made of other precious metals, making them comfortable to wear. Despite the unchangeable fashion, there are new trends that are coming in the market and taking place over the world. In tandem with this inclination toward a more economical material is a preference for classic, vintage-inspired pieces. It’s not a secret that each scratch leaves a memory about its wearer's travels and adventures for a lifetime.

Ovi Maple Wood Watch With a Silver Alloy Case Riga Class

 Maple wood watch with a silver alloy case

 Steel Sustainability

Stainless steel possesses great durability and sustainability. Stainless steel is called for a reason as it is anti-corrosive. But not always. When choosing a watch you need to be careful what material you buy because cheaper and less sustainable materials may seem quite similar. Overall, steel as a material is an incredibly strong metal. That makes sense why it has been such precious material for so long decades ago- because it was so difficult to work with. Today the demand equals the offer. Nowadays numbers of supply are much bigger as technologies had made shaping and milling steel material much easier. For a fact, we mentioned above that stainless steel is also environmental-friendly because it can be recycled not losing any of its features. And it’s around four times lighter than gold, and with the trend toward larger cases, opting for a less cumbersome material is a clear advantage from a wearability standpoint.

Ovi Stainless Steel and Walnut Wood Watch Evelyn

Stainless steel and walnut wood vegan watch

Design Of Watch

When speaking about steel products, its features scream all these good features and qualities as there are plenty of positive aspects of this material. And everything about that is true but when we come to the design, it’s not as magnificent as it seems. Why there is so much about steel watches? The answer is really simple- because stainless steel doesn't have any particular look and their designs are simpler. The design of the watch is not an easier choice when looking for one, that’s why combining this material with others may be the solution if you want to keep more unique and trendy. As some people who like minimalism would like steel watches many people would get bored with its design. Why not allow yourself something that combines all these features? Take a look at Ovi Flavus wooden watch. If you are looking for a watch to match the rest of your high-visibility wear, look no further than this. Highlight your wrist with a comfortable, adjustable yellow leather band. Flavus watch will add a new wave of color to your style. Now you can wear steel still looking unique and gorgeous.

Ovi Black Alloy and Walnut Wood Watch With a Fine Grain Flavus

Black alloy and walnut wood watch


Steel is great additional detail in accessories because it keeps that standard look of classic and what we are used to. As watches can be made from different materials, it’s important to choose the most suitable for you. When it’s time to choose a new timepiece you should be looking for something that’s not only both stylish and functional but also you should seek something that represents your personality. Create a style that’s inspiring. It’s not easy to find accessories and clothes that match with steel. Getting them to sing together, just right, has proven elusive to even prominent watch manufacturers. Look how great it combines with wood. Crafted with precision for a sophisticated and elegant result, this green Viridi model with premium quality features a dark wood and alloy case, adding your style extra grace.

Ovi Dark Wood Watch With an Alloy Case Viridi

Dark wood watch with an alloy case 

Watch Value

It’s not a secret that years ago and still today watches are not only about fashion and style but also about passing them through generations. And steel watches aren't an exception. It's because watches as any other accessory holds sentimental value. A mechanical watch may not be as accurate as your smartphone, but it possesses more soul and emotion. The most popular watches for passing them through generations for nostalgia and craftsmanship are most likely wooden watches. It's because they include more details and crafts, designs and lines you can imagine. And wood material age beautifully with time. In a world of smart devices and gadgets choose to hold a natural value. 

vegan watch for women

Stainless steel makes a great and stylish part of every product, you just need to take a deeper look at how can you combine and use it for the best outlook possible.

Ready to have your own watch? Shop our wooden and steel watches here.

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
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