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9 Most Common Watch Strap Materials. Which One to Choose?

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9 Most Common Watch Strap Materials

Which one to choose? Watch straps play an important role in the look of the watch. It is important to carefully choose both watch and watch strap, so that wristwatch looks attractive even after years. Material is the main aspect to look at when choosing a quality wristwatch. Overall look and functionality are also important features to keep in mind, as they give us satisfaction. There are different kinds of materials used in wristwatches. Let’s take a look at the 9 most common materials used for watch straps and quality of them!

Leather watch band

Leather is one of the most durable natural materials. So it is not only high-quality material but also environmentally friendly. Products made out of leather are elastic, long-lasting and care-free. There are 3 different types of leather in the market.

The first one is faux leather, which is not real leather but made from a plastic base, which means it wears off pretty quickly. Positive thing is that faux leather is obtained by doing nothing harmful to animals.

Second is genuine leather that is already much more durable than faux leather and is a great choice as the quality is relatively high but the price- average. It is affordable and at the same time looks much more valuable. Because of these great qualities, Ovi Watch prefers this type of material used in their wristwatches.

And the third type of leather is full-grain leather. It is the highest quality leather material, most durable and the strongest. It has the same look as genuine leather and it is hard to tell the difference between these two materials but full-grain leather lasts much longer. In fashion, a leather watch strap always complements both casual and formal style, which means it goes with everything. Straps come in different colors and designs, it feels free on the skin and doesn’t cause any sweat. It is a perfect material to use in wristwatch straps as it has all properties necessary. And for sure- leather never goes out of style.

Vegetable-tanned leather strap

Vegan watch band

Called also as cruelty-free leather it's another type of leather that differs from others by being eco-friendly as there are no nasty toxins or chemicals in vegan leather. Nowadays it's easy for people to support veganism as there are many vegan-friendly alternatives for most products. This leather is a great option for those who want quality at the same time avoiding animal products in their lives. Comparing vegan leather to the previous ones, there isn’t that much difference to real leather. It is as sustainable and durable but it surely more friendly for the environment.

Wooden watch with vegan leather strap

Vegan leather watches

Wooden watch band

Wooden watches have become more popular and preferred, as a fact, it is not only something unique but also environmentally-friendly. Wood is used not only as material for a watch but also for the watch strap. Features can be made and shaped in various designs and colors. Before choosing a wristwatch with a wooden watch band it is important to understand which properties are important in your style and wishes as the wood comes in various types of features and pros.

Apple watch wooden band

Stainless steel straps

Stainless steel is the most popular material used in watches. Not only is it durable, but it is also less expensive than gold, titanium, silver, and platinum. Stainless steel metal is a common material used for both the watch and strap. Metal as itself is a versatile un durable material that can outlast swimming and diving. Although stainless steel straps are durable, it is difficult to change the look of them. And because the metal is already heavy by itself, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis. Despite that fact, stainless steel watches and straps are still in fashion and don’t seem to wear out. Although metal like stainless steel represents toughness, stainless steel straps can be designed differently, which means that you can choose and suite the best looking for you.

Wristwatch with stainless steel strap

Nylon banding strap

Nylon may not be the very first choice when looking at wristwatch straps and it may be unrated, but actually, nylon is one of the best materials for wrist watch straps, especially when the warmer time of year is coming. You wonder why is that? It’s because nylon straps include qualities like durability, practicality, timeless in design, comfort and water resistance and they are more breathable than other materials. Nylon banding strap tends to be more appealing than a metal strap. Also, nylon watchbands are easy to clean and when wet, they dry quickly. If you want to go swimming with a nylon banding strap watch, you can be sure that water won’t make any harm to straps. These straps are extremely tough and can survive almost anything. There are various colors and designs available, so you can suite it for whatever you want to wear.

Wristwatch with nylon strap

Silicone rubber watch band

As a material silicone has good high and low-temperature resistance. Silicone straps not only feel comfortable on the skin but they also are in diverse colors for you to choose. The good thing about the silicone rubber watch band is that it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Material is elastic, it is almost impossible to deform the product made of silicone. But undeniably, the silicone rubber watch band has a very low tensile strength, so it would be better if you don’t test it by stretching it. Overall, it is a soft and smooth material for watch straps to wear, it’s fashionable and won’t wear out so easily. Silicone rubber watch bands are very good to wear in winter because of the material that makes a warm feeling. In summer it’s easy to sweat with a wristwatch-like this, and because of that surface of silicone band can be easily damaged and once silicone bands are damaged, it is not so easy to recover them. You can take care of watch straps by ventilating them and keeping them dry.

Wristwatch with silicone strap

Polyurethane rubber

Comparing to silicone rubber polyurethane rubber has higher strength and is less expensive. These straps are perfect for diving, swimming, and other sporting activities because they are very comfortable and flexible. Because of that most people use them as replacement straps. Polyurethane is durable, flexible and water-resistant material and a lot of properties it has in common with silicone. They are well fitting on the hand and will complement an athletic look.

Titanium watch band

Titanium as a material is lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. To understand how strong titanium is, it is almost twice as strong as stainless steel. Titanium has a very high melting point and is hard enough for machining, which also makes the price of products. It can be easily scratched and damaged but despite that, it won’t break easily. The overall titanium watch band is lightweight and will feel free when wearing it but for such a price it is worth considering if it’s worth the money and looks at possible alternatives of different kinds of metals and materials.

Wrsitwatch with titanium band

Ceramic watch band

Ceramic as material in wristwatch straps is unique. Even if it’s tough, it’s also more difficult to scratch, which guarantees fresh look even after years. At the beginning ceramic is pressed into the desired shape and after baking at an extremely high temperature, it often gets coated with a very fine layer of a precious metal. Although it looks heavy, ceramic watch straps feel very light on the skin, it’s almost the same weight as aluminum. The most unpleasant thing is that ceramic is not resistant to shattering. If you accidentally drop your wristwatch with ceramic watch straps on a hard surface, it will probably break. But that doesn’t change the demand for wristwatches and watch bands made of ceramic. The price for straps ranges in between a stainless steel model and a precious metal model because of the difficult manufacturing process.

Best Apple Watch Straps

The Apple Watch is considered to be one of the best smartwatches around. It can be customized with different faces and straps can be easily replaced. They provide leather, stainless steel, woven nylon, and silicone bands. In 2019 the best iwatch straps in Series 4 for 40mm list is created by these models:

Zekapu Breathable Silicone Strap

It’s made from environmentally friendly, ultra-soft silicone that is flexible and extremely durable. This strap will be suitable for those who do sports daily and want to wear a watch while doing it. Zekapu Breathable Silicone Strap is a very comfortable watch strap. It's also easy to install and fits for different sizes of wrists.

Wristwatch with Zekapu Breathable Silicone Strap

YC YANCH Steel Milanese Loop

Coming in colors like gold, space gray, rainbow, red, and more, YC YANCH Steel Milanese Loop strap is perfect for different types of occasions. It is an elegant, easy-to-adjust Apple Watchband. It is very easy to close this strap and because of the design, it’s making you look more fashionable.

YC YANCH Steel Milanese Loop wristwatch band

Fullmosa Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

Classical leather strap as always gives a stylish yet professional outlook. Material is soft, comfortable and still is very durable. Fullmosa Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band will fit for different sizes of wrists and will look good on everyone.

Fullmosa Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

KOLEK Slim Silicone Sport Band

They call this model „Minimalist’’ and it’s for a reason. This very simple KOLEK Slim Silicone Sport Band is easy to clean, easy to wear and is sweat-proof. It is from a super sleek material. It can easily be installed and uninstalled, so it is not a problem to pop it off after sports activities just to replace it with different straps.

KOLEK Slim Silicone Sport Band

Wearlizer Fashion Stainless Steel Resin Strap

Wearlizer Fashion Stainless Steel Resin Strap is a convenient, comfortable, stainless steel band that comes with a 12-month warranty. Unfortunately, it has one inability- to change the size for a wrist. But it’s possible to take out links that you can do at a local jewelry store.

Wearlizer Fashion Stainless Steel Resin Strap

Engraved watch band

This one is a type of wristwatch bands, also topical for iwatch bands. It is making something unique from an already existing piece of material, usually, engraving is done on leather, rubber, ceramic or other materials, which can be easily redesigned and changed. It is something original to wear this type of wristwatch straps, as people prefer more known values and classics. Isn’t it nice when you are wearing something different and more noticeable? Wearing an engraved watch band looks and feels more special and you can even get a personalized design you want for your watch. It takes a little bit more effort to be put in the manufacturing process, but the satisfaction that comes from making an individual wristwatch for someone is priceless. There can be various types and designs of engravings, and if you have a special wish for you watch you can write us your ideas.

Ovi engraved wristwatch strap

Engraved watch band

When buying a wristwatch, every detail becomes important. As there are many types of materials for watches there are many types of straps too. It’s time for you to consider which watch strap suits you the best and which one will you prefer for your next watch. Or maybe you want something special for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Take a look at our best engraved wooden watches: Best engraved wooden watches

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
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