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7 Best Wooden Watch Designs Made By Ovi Watch

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

Ivo Crating Ovi Wooden Watch

Why Ovi? Because founder of Ovi Watch name is Ivo and when you read Ivo from another side it means Ovi. It all started with designs which we designed from scratch using modern tools. Our 3D models later became technical drawings which then were produced in Liepāja Design and Art College. We are not using any manufacturers to produce Ovi watches and to keep high quality we are producing all of the OVi Watch Collection in our hometown Liepāja.

For those who are interested in Ovi Wooden Watches, we made a list of our top crafted and designed watches.

Wooden Watch Prunus

Wooden Watch for Men

Prunus is made of natural nut tree wood, the dial is designed and inspired by Church of Saint Anne in Liepāja dial. 

Ovi Watch with Mandala King

Engraved Wooden Watch

It all starts with a sketch. Based on a given name or a word, a unique artwork was created. Then the name-art is duplicated over and over to create a circle, which is then filled and enriched with symbolic and decorative elements to make it look and feel complete. Then it was time to craft art on the Ovi Wooden Watch face.


3. Wooden Watch Latvietis

Latvietis Wrist Watch

Latvietis is crafted from natural padouk wood because we are born in Latvia we decided to make the signature watch with the Latvian contour on the face of watch. 


4. Wall Clock Liepāja  

Large Wall Clock

In mid-summer of 2017, we decided to start making personalized wooden wall clocks which is something completely new and special for each household. Because most of the daily time we spend in Liepaja, it was a perfect inspiration to create the 1st wooden wall clock.

5. Custom watch made for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Movenpick wooden watch

In 2016 we had an opportunity to design private label watches for the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. By adding on Tectona watch Mövenpick logo and crafted from natural nut tree the final result was an elegant wooden watch.

6. Wooden Watch Natura

Wooden Watch for Women

Wooden Watch Natura is special because of its shape and dial. It was designed for women's collection Nature and fast became a best seller when we visited affairs. The dial and shape let the users know what time is now.

7.Personalized Ovi Watches

Each custom wooden watch project gives us a new challenge and always we are interested to accept these situations and focus on innovation and product development.

 2018 we are up to change the game and let you feel the touch and breath of nature in every watch.



walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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