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6 Reasons To Wear A Ovi Watch

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

Whether you’re shopping for your very first watch or adding to an existing collection, you’re likely facing the same challenge… you want premium features, attention-grabbing design, and superb quality. Here are six reasons guys like you are loving Ovi Watches.

1. The Ovi Story 

We’ve been on an epic ride since we started up our watchmaking operation. The idea for a wooden watch came from our inventor/designer Ivo Asns (24), who was working on his thesis at the time. He decided to do his thesis about the wooden watch, because, as he says, “I like to work with wood and wear watches.”

Since neither Ivo nor his business partner, Davis Paipa (28), had watchmaking experience, it was a huge challenge for them. Undaunted, they focused on creating a beautiful, eco-friendly line of watches manufactured from recycled and reclaimed wood. The two partners eventually figured out the manufacturing process, and the final product is a high-quality, super light watch, suitable for wear for just about any occasion.

Today, Ovi sells watches in more than 35 countries. The watches are handmade, and our talented artisans can do custom designs. Browse our website to find watches suitable for any occasion, made from a range of different woods – cherry walnut, teak and maple wood to name just a few. Ovi Watches are truly a labor of love, made for connoisseurs of quality.

2. For the Love of Wood

Ovi Watch is a proudly Latvian company, founded in 2016. As you may already know, Latvia is heavily forested, and the country’s main export is wood. Latvian forests are certified, meaning that an outside agency has verified that they are managed in a sustainable manner

Purple Wood Wrist Watch and wooden pine gift box

Wood is 100 percent renewable, and it is an unusual watchmaking material – your watch will be one of a kind. The manufacture of wooden products also reduces the effects of climate change, since wood absorbs and stores carbon according to the concepts laid down in the Kyoto Protocol. In addition, wood products are long-lasting and eco-efficient.

We are not using any manufacturers to produce Ovi watches and to keep high quality we are producing all of the OVi Watch Collection in our hometown Liepaja.

Young Watchmaker Ivo Asns

3. We create iconic limited edition designs.

Ivo Asns and in-house design team meticulously craft every detail of every watch — elevating them to true works of art. There's no substitute for in-house design — you can almost feel the care and attention in each timepiece radiating from your wrist. And because many designs are true limited editions, it’s possible to go your entire life without meeting someone wearing the same watch.
Limited edition engraved wooden watches case face walnut leather strap men

4. Their watches get plenty of compliments.

The Latvian wunderkinder behind the Ovi Watch have a good thing going, namely the ideal combination of cool factor and capabilities that might just win round die-hard watch classicists. Using a Swiss movement prized for its reliability (a quartz Ronda, caliber 762 3H, to be very precise), and premium sapphire glass over the usual mineral, reviewers say the quality is discernible. 

The design is a cut above too, with an unusual button fastening and raised carved numerals rather than metal inlays, making this a real standout. - Carys Lowry-Carter

Wooden Watch for Men walnut leather strap 3d dieal roman analog 42mm all wood case face

5. Design Your Own Watch

Choosing an Ovi custom-made wooden watch is a significant act of love for nature. At Ovi we have imagined a way of rendering this experience even more exclusive by offering the Personalized Ovi Watch, enabling lover of nature to share the privilege of personalizing their Ovi Watch. 

The lines are from nature, clean, precise and, above all, elegant. With Personalized Ovi Watch you have the privilege to specifically select a signature of your choice on the top of the watch either at the front side or back side.

mens black wood watch with wooden pine gift box elegant leahter strap and purple dial

6. It’s run by young watchmakers with a mission

Ovi Watch Representing 1% of watches made outside of Asia. 

Young Watch Makers

Every day in Asia there is over one million watches produced per day, which later is sent to Europe, the United States, and other countries. We are doing something different with love for design and uniqueness; if you look at few biggest watch brands around the world, they have a similar design for timepieces. Simply because manufacturing in Asia doesn’t offer creating unique designs, or it is too expensive or maybe not possible for large quantity production runs.

Our mission is to create unique timepieces with touch nature. 

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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