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5 Reasons Why To Choose Vegan Watch

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

Living in a world where cruelty-free lifestyle is evolving at unexpected speeds, more and more people choose to buy products that are not made from animal leather. This tendency evolves along with opportunities this world provides. Today, it’s easy to choose products that are harmless to animals and not only. Vegan leather watches are attractive and suit every style and personality. We have described in 5 reasons why choose to buy vegan leather watches instead of animal leather.

1. Vegan Friendly Leather

Vegan leather is a great alternative for animal leather. It not only has high quality but it also isn’t as expensive as animal leather. If you want a nice watch but don’t want to pay the extra money, this may be your choice. Vegan watch straps can be made from different materials that contain no animal origin and are natural. Coming in various colors and made from different materials, a vegan watch is a great alternative also for those who don’t prefer using animals in their products. With so many alternatives already being and still coming in the market, you can make a choice whether to choose a watch with an animal leather strap or vegan.
Ovi Wooden Wrist Watch Vigoureux With Vegan Leather Strap

Wooden wrist watch with vegan friendly leather

2. Sustainable Vegan Leather

There is a range of materials that can be used to make vegan leather including synthetics like plastic and natural materials such as cork. People tend to think that real leather as a material is the only option when it comes to style and quality. This is already in the past. Vegan leather is an even more sustainable choice than real leather as you start digging into it. Take a look at our Evelyn wooden watch. With a vegan leather strap, it has a look of a real leather offering you a class everywhere you go. A combination of a black strap and snow-white dial gives you an extra elegance on your look. Add to that, it has a high precision Japanese quartz movement, which will definitely make it run for a long time. Watches with vegan leather are much thinner and lighter than real leather which makes wearing them more comfortable which you can’t say about animal leather.

Ovi Wooden Wrist Watch Evelyn With Sustainable Vegan Leather, Snow-White Dial and High Precision Japanese Quartz Movement

Sustainable vegan leather wooden watch

3. Cruelty-Free Leather

Here we come to ethics. One reason why people prefer vegan watches is their lifestyle. They have their moral principles and ethics. In our busy lives, it can be easy to miss the connection between how we live and how others are affected. Living in the modern world means you have a choice. There is nothing wrong with having beliefs that this world is not meant for using animals for our benefits. The world offers so many options for a vegan lifestyle and if you don’t want your wrist to be covered with dead animal’s skin, you can easily choose to have a watch with a vegan leather strap. 

4. Product Design

Vegan leather in a combination with a wood case makes the watch even more worth buying. These two materials reflect nature values in one wristwatch, giving it special attractiveness. Take a look at the Evelyn vegan watch. The watch contains an integrated vegan leather strap and olivewood case with a fine grain. What makes these watches even cooler, is that these watches go fine with every style. Is it casual or is it formal, this watch will be a great accessory that suits every style and personality.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Choose it to save the environment and nature. There are regularities in this world that affect us directly. And what affects us most is the environment. Reducing animal use in products allows nature to create its natural ecosystem without innocent animals being killed. You may think it’s only your leather boots or leather jacket, but it’s hundreds of animals that are killed each day in the clothing industry. Check our vegan watch collection - Buy Vegan Watch

Apple Vegan Watch Starps

Not only traditional watch manufacturers provide vegan watches but also smartwatch producers have products to offer. Apple is one of them and must say that products may be quite expensive it’s still an option as the straps are easily changeable. Here we have looked at the 5 Apple vegan watch straps currently is offered.

1. Wood Apple Watch Band

Firstly, Apple offers is natural wood 38mm and 40mm vegan apple watch band from Skinit. Simulating the appearance of walnut wood, this handsome vegan leather Apple watch band takes its inspiration from nature, creating a distinctive but relaxed look. The wood Apple watch band surely has a great look that can complement a wide variety of aesthetics and occasions.

Natural Wood 38mm and 40mm Vegan Apple Watch Band From Skinit

2. Iridescent Mesh Vegan Apple Watch

All things holographic and iridescent are making their marks on fashion accessories like this mesmerizing rainbow iridescent Apple Watch band. It’s made of shiny stainless steel and is adjustable for a better fit. Day or night, iridescent mesh vegan Apple watch band from heyday is a stylish watch band to match with an all-black or neutral ensemble.

Iridescent Mesh Vegan Apple Watch Band From Heyday

3. Leopard Print Apple Watch

If you've been following the leopard print trend from shoes to faux fur coats, you might want to add this chic, double-wrap leopard print Apple watch band to your collection. Made with eco-friendly vegan leather, this fabulous Apple watch band is a stylish accessory on its own.

Leopard Print Double Wrap 38mm And Up Vegan Leather Apple Watch Band By Simeon D Jewelry

4. Apple Watch Rubber

Trim and simple, the Apple Watch Sport Band is made of durable fluoroelastomer, a strong, long-lasting synthetic rubber. Designed for your workouts, Apple watch rubber band is soft and comfy against the skin. The pin-tuck fastener is pretty slick, adding a contemporary touch we'd expect from Apple.

Black Rubber Apple Watch Sport Band From Apple

5. Apple Watch Nylon Sport Band

Fitness buffs, this Apple Watch band is made with breathable nylon that wicks away sweat to help you stay comfortable during your workouts. Apple watch nylon sport band is inexpensive and super functional, you can throw this watch band on and forget it when you hike or go to spin class.

Breathable Blue Nylon Sport Apple Watch Band From Inteny

These are more than 5 reasons why to choose vegan leather watches but these ones should be the most important for you to start to consider which wristwatch to choose. Take a look at other Ovi Wooden Watches!
walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
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