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14 Amazing Designs by Young & Independent Watchmaker Ivo Asns

by Davis Paipa on 0 Comments

Ivo Asns (24) is an inventor and designer with Ovi Watch, a watchmaking company founded in 2016 with the aim to create masterpieces out of environmentally friendly materials. While working on his thesis, Ivo had the idea to create beautiful watches out of wood. As he says; “I like to work with wood and wear watches”, therefore the whole thesis was dedicated to study wooden watches and how to make them for the mainstream market.

Ivo Asns Making Wooden Watch

Ovi Watch has been in the business of crafting beautiful wooden watches for about two years now and has no intent to slow down its pace anytime soon. Here are 14 amazing watch designs crafted over the years by Ivo Asns.


Mens wooden watch Prunus

Prunus is Ovi’s best-selling timepiece. She is a natural beauty totally crafted from premium quality nut tree wood, combined with Swiss made movement and sapphire crystal glass, designed to retain its grace and age beautifully with time. If you’re in the market for a wristwatch which offers both comfort and durability, then the Prunus is your top choice. It blends with nature quite easily and can also serve as the appropriate gift to a dear friend, family or business partner.


Engraved wooden watch Mandala King

The Mandala King is another creative masterpiece crafted by Ivo Asns for Ovi Watch. The Mandala King is an amazing timepiece dedicated to giving the perfectly personalized experience to every single user. Just like the name implies, this is a timepiece for royalty.


Cursus & Purple hearth wooden watch

This beautiful dial design timepiece was crafted with love from the walnut tree and amaranth hardwood. Originally created as a cool wedding souvenir, Ivo saw the opportunity for an amazing market collection and decided to add a custom-made wooden box with engraved names on them for a more personalized and memorable experience. This timepiece is the perfect gift for a lover, family or someone close to the heart.


Custom Made Wooden Wrist Watch

The Auseklis Latvia Signs is another amazing wrist piece crafted with the Latvian Auseklis sign on top of the watch and the Ugunskrusts sign engraved on the watch strap. This watch was inspired by the Latvian god Auseklis, hence the name and sign.


Minimalistic Wood Wrist Watch

Ovily is the perfect wrist companion for the quiet gentleman or woman. It is at par with nature and gives a sweet feel when strapped to the wrist. It is a simple and plain timepiece with very minimal decorations, which flows well with the current modern trend. The Ovily wrist watch is perfect for all occasions.


Red womens wooden watch

Almon is another sweet masterpiece by Ivo. It is a simple, red, natural wooden watch perfect for all wrists. The gorgeous Almon watch is handcrafted from natural Padouk wood, combined with premium quality Japanese made movement and mineral glass, all amazing materials for crafting the perfect timepiece.


This is another beautiful timepiece created by Ivo in honor of the Latvia 100 years anniversary. On this beautiful watch, you can easily see the Latvia contour on the face, the 100-year anniversary engraving on the back. This watch is an aesthetic beauty and is perfect for an important engagement or outing.


Windcut custom made wooden watches

The Windcut wooden watch, on the other hand, was created by Ivo in reverence for the local barbershop that brought constant encouragement and helped the brand in every way that they could. The Windcut is perfect for every man, is very elegant and durable, and like every other Ovi wooden watch masterpiece is a manifestation of nature at its best.


Liepaja Wall clock & Ovi Watch team

This wall clock was also crafted in honor of the local people of Liepaja. It is not a wristwatch, but a magnificently crafted wall clock dedicated to the awesome people of Liepaja and also to support the local young entrepreneurs. The Liepaja Wall Clock is the perfect wall clock for your home, with its nearer to nature compilation led by its wooden feature. Telling the time has never been done with a thing more beautiful than the Liepaja Wall Clock. 


This is the Zebrano Colours Handmade Wooden Watch for Men. This elegant piece was crafted solely for the gentleman and is totally handcrafted from Zebrano wood. It is fitted with sapphire crystal glass, Swiss-made movement and is very lightweight. The Zebrano Colours Handmade Wooden Watch is the perfect gift for your favourite man either the loving dad, husband, brother, son or friend.


Women Wooden Watch Natura 36

Natura 36 is Ivo’s first women’s watch attempt, and needless to say, it is an absolute thing of beauty. Natura 36 is a very unique and all natural wooden watch perfect as a gift for the amazing woman.


Unisex Wooden Watch

The Herus is also an exclusively made women’s watch. It is an elegant custom made piece created by Ivo and is a sure way to bring smiles to the face of any woman, either young or old. It is crafted as a potentially huge contributor to the gift industry with its facial engraving feature. There can never be a better gift for a lady than a Herus wooden watch.


Custom Made Wooden Watch 

The Movenpick is a custom-made wooden watch created in honor of the Movenpick Hotels. This natural beauty houses the Movenpick Hotels on its face and is sure to captivate anybody within sight.


Glamurus is OVI Watch royalty, as it’s the first ever made wooden watch by Ivo Asns. Glamurus is the first evidence of naturally handcrafted wooden watch and is the perfect wrist companion for both male and female users.

In the world today, you’re always advised to dress the way you’d rather be addressed. But nobody reveals the secret doors that awesome accessories open for the amazing users. If you would prefer to stand out in any crowd and have an immense appreciation of perfectly crafted accessories especially amazing wristwatches, then you should visit today. You’ll definitely be glad.  

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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