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10 Wooden Watches as a Christmas Gift

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

Christmas is a holiday celebrated all around the world and Christmas present giving is a part of the tradition that symbolizes happiness. No matter what you've chosen to give, why not consider a uniquely-designed, handmade wooden watch as your Christmas gift. Wooden watches are very easy to care for and also very light to wear. With minimal care on a wooden unique watch, you can maintain the look of it for a very long time. “Time is the most precious gift,” they say. The right timepiece is a gift that's both stylish and practical. We have selected top 10 Ovi wooden watches perfect as a Christmas gift for someone you care for.

10. Black Prunus

In a world where everything is plastic and steel, a wooden watch is a nice reminder of our roots. This watch speaks elegance and business by itself. Made from natural walnut wood, this watch will suit perfectly both for cooperative business meetings or will suit a casual look every day. The watch features Swiss movement Ronda, sapphire crystal glass and dark brown pure vegetable tanned leather strap. Black Prunus watch is extremely versatile and right on the fashion trend, valuable compared to its price. It’s a great gift for men with a minimalist style who prefer natural origin materials and likes to wear versatile and valuable fashion trends. Made of a living material wooden wrist watch is constantly changing, so a gift like this is one to remember.

Ovi Wooden Watch Black Prunus With Gift Box Black Prunus

9. Vigoureux

Strong. Bold. Beautiful. Featuring vegan leather strap, this watch is perfect for people who like and support veganism and environment-friendly products. Give this watch as your Christmas gift and emphasize your love and affection to that special person you giving it to. A simple yet beautiful wristwatch that will surely compliment your natural charm and feminine sense of style. Upgrade someone's wrist game with this utterly chic wooden watch. Featuring a snow-white dial, it's a celebration of your most powerful moments in life. Vigoureux is a meaningful gift for every woman you want to show your appreciation to.

Ovi Wooden Watch with Vegan Leather Strap


8. Flavus

A watch has been and will always be an important element of an individual’s overall look. This bright yellow wristwatch will surely make you look incredibly stylish and fabulous. It certainly won't go unnoticed. With Flavus watch it is almost always guaranteed to impress many. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves to add some color in their life to make days more cheerful. Yellow like a sun, this watch is a perfect combination of practical and stylish.

Ovi Wooden Watch Flavus With Gift Box Flavus

7. Almon

Made from ethically sourced natural Padouk wood, this red watch stands out with its natural look and brings minimalism to the next level. A classic red touch makes it captivating and appealing. This color reminds of something pleasant and peaceful yet surprising and cheerful. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but it is also friendly to the environment. Almon is a perfect gift for someone who appreciates natural fit to your wrist with great comfort and ease. This watch has an ancient Roman dial that adds something unique to this minimalist-looking wooden wristwatch. If you're looking for a nice watch to gift then this one will surely leave a good impression to the receiver.

Ovi Wooden Watch Almon With Gift Box Almon

6. Grandis

 People still love to wear elegant time-telling accessories on their wrist. If you’re having trouble finding the best wristwatch for yourself or your loved ones, Grandis is the best choice you can go with. Grandis is a watch that gives both an extraordinary vibe and a dashing look at the same time looking aesthetic and natural. Apart from looking trendy and simplistic this wooden watch also makes everyone look confident and elegant. A wooden watch is a gift that can be passed down for generations. The color, the marks, and the patina are all the result of a watch well worn and a life well-lived. They tell the story of all those who have worn it before. You can start one by giving this beautiful watch to someone special.

Ovi Wooden Watch Grandis With Gift Box


5. Argenti

 It is possible to find a wood watch suitable for every person, every style and every budget. If you don't now which wristwatch to gift, then this is a perfect choice. The minimalist style is the new attention-grabber. Fashion trends largely come and go but this watch will never go out of style. This simple classy Argenti watch with its natural wood tones and the simple watch face is a must-have accessory for any style-conscious person. Featuring silver dial and black alloy case combined with a dark leather strap, this watch is a sustainable gift product you can feel good about. Both casual and smart Argenti is that one watch everyone needs in their closet by making it a perfect Christmas gift.

Ovi Wooden Watch Argenti With Gift Box Argenti

4. Tectona

Having a very sophisticated and unique style this watch will be a perfect gift for someone you want to compliment their personality. If you're looking for amazing style and value all in one watch, Tectona is a great choice. Its all-natural wood construction and lightweight makes it comfy to wear for everyone. Other wooden watches may wear down with time, becoming dull, scratched, or uncomfortably stiff, but our ones get better with age. This one isn’t an exception. Design looking as sun’s rays lets the watch wearer bring sunshine on their wrist any time of the day. Made from maple wood that is ethically sourced this watch brings you a very aesthetic look and gives comfort throughout even a busy day. 

Ovi Wooden Watch Tectona With Gift Box Tectona

3. Avium

Finding a watch you can give someone as a gift might seem like an impossible task, but here it is. This watch is designed with modern needs in mind with super lightweight construction and versatility. An elegantly crafted wooden wrist watch that offers a very stunning and minimalistic look, it’s an ideal choice for those who want to wear something super stylish and durable. It has no special additional features and that makes Avium perfect from any angle. Unlike a metal linked watch, a wood watch can be worn with just about anything or anywhere. Because of the design and the aesthetic appeal of the wood this Ovi wooden watch is the way to go.both for outdoors adventurers or a formal businessman.

Ovi Wooden Watch Avium With Gift Box Avium

2. Natura 36

Wood watches we wear remind us that we have what a perfect nature. Natura 36 is one of the most unique watches you can gift. When choosing a perfect gift, you will be amazed at how Natura's watch can be enjoyed by the people you love. Having a 3D twelve-dimensional shape this watch looks like a wheel of fortune and it may give to the person you gift it some good luck too. Natura's timepiece is a gift that's both stylish and practical. Handcrafted from natural walnut wood which has a deep brown color and a lustrous patina this classic watch is the perfect choice for lovers of premium quality and nature. The longer you wear the wooden watch, the more it will achieve its great appearance because the patina gets smoother and shinier with the natural oil produced by your skin. Let your gift receiver feel a true elegance of nature. 

Ovi Wooden Watch Natura 36 With Gift Box


1. Zelus

Zelus is another proof of beautiful designs that can be made out of wood. Having a mandala design the watch’s dial is truly mesmerizing to look at. If you want to give something original, elegant and eye-catching then this Zelus wooden watch is a choice for you. Having a small detailed design like this will surely be the start of a good conversation. Most importantly, it’s comfortable to wear, reliable and lightweight. With its organic and natural element, the wooden watch exudes with beauty and strength that will surely be appreciated by the recipient. This option will surely be a go-to accessory in everyday life. 

Ovi Wooden Watch Zelus With Gift Box


If looking for uniqueness, this is where the wood meets your expectations. Wood has a life and personality of its own, and shaping it into something you can wear every day is a true appreciation of nature. No two wooden watches are the same, it will be a unique one for someone you care for. What kind of gift can be better? Hope we made your decision easier. And remember, every gift that comes from the heart is already a perfect one. 
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