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10 Tips How To Select a Womens Watch For Wife, Mother, Girlfriend, Cousin, etc.

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

Nowadays watches are an important part of the overall image. Regardless of fashion trends, a good watch is comfortable, elegant, visually appealing, durable and accurate and it never goes out of style. In one word, it is quality. Different watch manufacturers provide various women watches to suit every taste. When so many different styles, designs, shapes, etc. are available, it’s a question- how to choose the most suitable wristwatch from this wide variety of market on offer. We have looked at things that make women’s wristwatches to stand out and 10 tips to keep in mind when making a choice.

1. Watch Material

Watches can be made of various materials such as stainless steel, titanium, wood, gold, silicone, plastic and other materials. Properly selected material plays a vital role in a woman’s watch. It must characterize femininity at the same time looking elegant and elegant and attractive. Among the usual steel, titanium and precious metal wristwatches, wooden watches have gained particular attention. Wood is a material that is used not only in the manufacture of various items and furniture but in recent years it has also been used in the manufacture of various women’s and men’s accessories because of its strength. Choosing a wooden watch for a woman will definitely be a pleasant surprise. Due to its unique nature and value of the material, many people prefer wooden watches. They are suitable for everyone- women, men, children, etc.
Green Dial Watch

2. Best Women Style Watches

The watch is not only a gift with a fine and sophisticated taste but also an accessory that is adapted to the wardrobe. When choosing a watch for a female, regardless of market trends, you should pay attention to her style and taste. Considering the material, engraving, size and other features of the watch, it’s important whether the watch forms an attractive overall image. Some women prefer feminine and lightweight watches while others prefer a bolder, even more, masculine style. Wooden watches, in this case, suits every style, because they can be more feminine or more masculine. Such features can be noticed by focusing on a woman’s daily style and hobbies. It’s equally important to know for what purpose the watch is being used.
Engraved Ovi Wooden Watch Amare

3. Watch Design

Design plays a big role in choosing a watch. The design of a watch is a factor that a person notices first. Nowadays, when time can be seen on the phone, it has to be admitted that most people wear watches as an accessory that complements the image. When a man chooses a watch for a woman, the most common mistake is choosing the one that he thinks is right and pleases him. Prestigious, with high water resistance, balance springs, and helium exhaust valves and other finely crafted details that are great extras for the man. It should be remembered that this is likely to be secondary for a woman. The picture of the watch is important. At this point, the man has to forget about his desires and pay more attention to design a woman would like.
Ovi Wooden Watch Zebrano Colors With Awesome Design

4. Watch bands

The same as watch cases, watch straps are available in a variety of materials. Standard leather straps are still relevant. But nowadays the straps range from animal leather, steel, nylon, silicone straps to the brand new vegan leather straps. Choosing the strap material is just as important as for the watch case. To keep it fresh and attractive even after several years, you need to choose high-quality material. Of the materials mentioned above, the most durable straps will certainly be leather, but others cannot be underestimated. When choosing a strap, keep in mind that leather is always characterized by classics, formality, and elegance, making it a safe choice for everyone. And if you aren’t sure about an animal leather quality alternative for that is vegan leather watch strap which can differ in its texture.
Ovi Vegan Leather Wooden Watch Evelyn

5. Watch Size

Women's watches usually have a diameter from 22 to 34 mm, depending on the style and watch manufacturer. However, due to fashion trends, there are watches even up to 60mm in size. Nowadays, women also like to wear larger watches. It should also be emphasized that the size of the watch may also depend on whether the watch is positioned as a bright accessory or as a daily watch. If a woman likes attention, you can buy a larger size watch that will be easily noticed. For older and conservative women is better to choose smaller watches - they will look better. Longer women can choose watches with wide straps to look proportional to body size, while fine women will prefer a small watch body with standard size straps.
Ovi 44mm wooden watch Flavus

6. White Watches For Women

Most women pay more attention to color than men, being aware of the power of it. The color of the watch can be very important to the wearer. Not only does it show style, but it also reflects a person's personality and values. If the watch you choose is a color that is not worn every day or is not appropriate for a person, not to mention the fact that they simply don’t like the color, it is likely that the gift will stand on the shelf not touched. More neutral tones, such as silver or beige, match well with different skin tones. The color is very personal and can even be emotional and mood-related. Stay safe- simple colors in watches will also be a great choice for a challenging woman.

Ovi Snow White Wooden Watch New York Class

7. Watch Dial

The dial contains the main part- it shows the time. When choosing a watch, it is usually not paid as much attention to. But this is a big mistake because the wearer of the watches will definitely notice. The dials also tend to be simpler or more luxurious. Depending on the intended purpose and frequency of wearing, it can be quite simple and classic. Everyday watches have medium or large dials that are easy to read, usually without jewels or obvious ornaments. If you are looking for an elegant watch, choose the one with fine details, clean dials, and simple shapes and colors. When it comes to design, dials can display not only ordinary but also Roman numerals may have normal lines as reference points. You may not tell time precisely but it’s creating a clean clock face that makes it completely awesome.
Ovi Wooden Watch Avium With a Clear Dial

8. Watch Shapes

No less important is the form of the watch. It is hard to imagine that it is difficult to make a mistake knowing that the classic shape is still round. However, there are women who choose to wear other forms of watches. Square shapes are also popular among women. Polygonal or other unusual watch forms can also be very chic and elegant. It is desirable to choose such a non-standard framework if it is clearly known that it will be appropriate to the particular woman and her preferences. If you don’t want to put your gift at risk better choose the usual round one.
Round Ovi Wooden Watch London Class

 9. Watch Movement

When buying a watch, we expect quality. The main movements of the watches are quartz, mechanical, automatic and manual. How do you know which one to choose? The quartz movement is one of the most accurate types of movement currently manufactured, so this is a good choice for the watch. Not only is it cheaper than mechanical and automatic watches, but it is also more durable because it has fewer moving parts that need repairing. When it comes to mechanical movement, it puts clocks in the luxury category. There are two types of mechanical movement - manual and automatic. The manual movement mechanism involves a great deal of craftsmanship, so purchasing such a watch is a pretty big investment. With proper care, it can last a lifetime. The second form of mechanical movement is the automatic movement of the watch. What distinguishes it from the normal mechanism is that the energy is created by the natural movement of the watcher's hand. As long as the watch is worn regularly, it will conserve energy without requiring manual winding. Wristwatches with mechanical and automatic mechanisms can be considered a luxury because they contain many small details. Considering the above, including price, quality, details, simplicity, and maintenance, it's important to consider which of these mechanisms is desirable.
OvI Wooden Watch Vigoureux With High Precision Japanese quartz movement

10. Chic and Unique

It is time to talk about one of the most important factors. How unique is the watch you choose? There are many different types of similar watches, but even the simplest watch can be unique. All that is required is the distinctive feature of a product. Speaking of which, certainly one original, unique and such a single watch will be made of wood. Even when creating two identical patterns, they will always be different because it is a peculiarity of wood - it is neither uniform nor identical with each other. In addition, if the desire is for a unique and special watch, there is a possibility to incorporate an engraving on the watch. It can be a special design, text, word or symbol. Such engravings make a gift to someone close to you unique and special.

Ovi All-Natural Amaranth Wood Watch Purpleheart

All-natural Amaranth wood watch Purpleheart

After all, accessories are what complement and give each woman a unique look and style. Watches are no exception. They add a special beauty to a woman's look, so when assembling these 10 tips for the right choice of watches and keeping them in mind, it's important to choose the right one from a wide selection.

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
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