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10 Reasons To Choose An All Wood Watch by Ovi Watch

by Evelīna Kalve on 0 Comments

In this generation where everything seems against nature and the environment, we are here to show you the opposite. All wood watch by Ovi gives you more than just a watch. These products include work, creativity, art, sustainability, quality, which are just a few things that describe our watches. Ovi all wood watches feature different kinds of woods, which is the most useful and versatile material on the planet that can be used in a thousand different ways. Each one of the wooden watches shows their uniqueness and keeps an elegance that everyone can see it. So what makes these watches so good to be choosing them over other material watches? Read further to see!

Environmental Sustainability

All wood watches make not only a good looking fashion accessory, but they also make a commitment to the environment and impact

First things first, all wood watches make not only a good looking fashion accessory, but they also make a commitment to the environment and impact. Choosing an all wood watch is choosing a better and more sustainable alternative for other materials that can not provide environmental protection and sustainability. As a natural resource, wood is always renewable compared to metal or plastic. In fact, wood is the most renewable natural resource, whose amount is constantly increasing, in that way leaving us a choice to reduce non-renewable material using in manufacturing. That's the reason why our brand focuses on creating wooden watches from sustainable and responsibly used materials that are completely free of toxic and artificial materials as we roam the entire globe to choose the best for our customers. An all wood watch is a perfect choice for activists and environmentalists.

Ovi Wooden Watch Aurum

Different Types Of Wood

The variety of wood types makes it so easy to choose the perfect all wood watch. To make our products the best they can be, different types of wood in the process of making them are used. The hardwoods we choose to use to make our wooden watches are specifically selected to create a product that will comfortably lay on its wearer’s wrist and last a long time. Ovi various products contain different types of woods such as cherry wood, teak, maple, walnut, padouk, amaranth, zebrano, and cumaru wood. They come in a variety of shades and types, being unique in their own different way. What can make a watch you wear more valuable than knowing it comes from sustainable and specific wood. Nowadays it’s important to know what you wear and where it comes from.

Ovi Wooden Watch Nigrum

Best Looking Watches

Founders of Ovi Watch have succeeded in combining design and quality with comfort and functionality, making them best-looking watches. You can tell it even from the distance that the watch on a wearer is something incredibly unique. Wearing an all wood watch is a good way how to start a great conversation and feel noticed in the crowd of people because it definitely can’t stay imperceptible. Their neutral colors and grains of wood mean that these watches go beautifully with just about any outfit, any time. From every other material watches, there is no such candy for an eye as all wood watches are. Let it be something to discuss!

Ovi Wooden Watch Cursus made of walnut wood with swiss movemetn and leahter strap 42mm for men

Minimalist Fashion Style

Why have more when you can be rocking it with less? It’s a great start to refresh your wardrobe with less but quality accessories. Firstly, you don’t need all those features a smartwatch can provide, secondly, you even need to consider if you need a watch with something more than just a dial. More or less, every wooden watch shows minimalism in different ways. The art you can create from wood shows how less you need to make something incredible. It’s not about details and other features an accessory can show you, it’s about the real value. Keep your timepiece simple but stylish and you will receive more compliments than you have ever thought. It’s always is important to enjoy the simple pleasures of life – including those found in our closets.

Ovi Wooden Watch Glamurus

Authentic Watches

In today’s world, an all wood watch is quite a high premium purchase simply because they’re original and are harder to find quality and sustainable than other material watches

When choosing less look after authentic watches. In today’s world, an all wood watch is quite a high premium purchase simply because they’re original and are harder to find quality and sustainable ones than other material watches. You won’t find more authentic watches than Ovi. Every wood watch by Ovi is handmade, making sure no one else has the same one. And it’s even quite impossible too because no twо pieces оf wood hаvе thе same grain раttеrn. An all wood watch is authentic allowing watch wearer to mix it with different wardrobes while keeping the same personality. Choose to buy genuine pieces from the brand that come with an assurance of their authenticity.

Ovi Wooden Watch Tectona

Best Everyday Watch

There are no real requirements for an everyday watch besides general durability and comfort. An all wood watch is the best everyday watch for every circumstance. We build our wood watches to be a perfect fit for everyoneThey are comfortable for every lifestyle, starting from active til even business people. What’s even nicer- they are but super lightweight yet durable providing you comfort in every life’s situation. Having a wooden watch is a whole adventure thing in the heart. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, wearing an all-wood watch will remind you of your past or coming adventures out there. An all wood watch makes a loud statement for everyone who wants’s to be more, do more and feel more. It’s all in the wood!

Ovi Wooden Watch Zelus

Value Selling

Handmade artwork that’s made with love 

It’s not a product it’s a feeling that it gives to you after buying it. When the market is providing so many options for you, it’s nicer to buy something that has an additional value. Wood as a material is already something quite valuable but also work that is put in making them is priceless. Every part of Ovi all wood and vegan watches is an art that needs to be appreciated. And be sure that wearing one will be impressed by many. Wooden watches add a touch of class with a unique, naturalistic twist. Being a functional work of art an all-wood watch adds a real charm to your outfit while combining elegance with mystery. The more you focus on value selling, the less important the price becomes. Choosing an all-wood watch by Ovi means choosing something more than just a watch. You choose a handmade artwork that’s made with love. 

Ovi Wooden Watch Herus

Green Design

In love with nature-inspired products? Then this is a choice for you. Nature is the source of inspiration in different branches of art, and because of its natural look and feel of it, wood is a choice for many. While we may not always control our environment in which we must spend the majority of our time, we can still carry little pieces of a more natural place with us wherever we go. With many wood types used in our products, you can explore and get to know more about nature and resources. Have a watch with green design and feel the commitment to nature on yourself. Add something that sets a new standard for fashion among your friends and colleagues by wearing an all-wood watch.

Ovi Wooden Watch Senio

Custom Wood Watches

There is always room to explore, experiment, mix different designs with a variety of woods to make the perfect watch for any desire

Are you still deciding which one is the best suit for you or which one you like better? Make your own special design! Wood is a variable material anything can be made from. Custom wood watches are such a special gift for yourself or someone you love. There is always room to explore, experiment, mix different designs with a variety of woods to make the perfect watch for any desire. Whether the watch is brand new or passed down through the generations, coming in a wooden box an all-wood watch makes a perfect gift for everyone.

Ovi Wooden Watch King Mandala

Lifetime Products

Our watches are built to last. Every other material watch starts to blemish over time. The more you wear the more it starts looking worn out. But wood gets better with age. Whether it's a groomsmen gift, father day, Valentine's day, anniversary, Christmas or another special occasion gift, our all wood watches are lifetime products, making sure to make the most memorable present that'll be treasured for many years to come. All of our watches are made with high-quality watch parts and wood so you don’t need to worry about lasting of it. Wooden watches can be passed through the generations. They are built with modern needs in mind and with its super lightweight construction, versatility, and sustainability is a great timeless accessory for a timeless fashion.

All Wood Watch made of walnut comes in pine wood gift box brown color with leather strap

I hope you liked this list and found your perfect all wood everyday watch! Be sure to check out other watches here and other wooden made accessories- sunglasses, earrings, and wooden bow ties.

walnut wood watch for men with 3d engraved dial
Ovi Watch
Handmade by Ovi Watch


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