• treehut wood watches


    Founder of Treehut is Julia, and together with her husband Joh, they are the co-founders this unlikely venture – a family-owned small business that they operate in beautiful San Francisco, California. It all started as an escape plan for they. They were both working in the corporate world, doing well for ourselves but always daydreaming about …

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  • jord wood watches


    Minimalism has never equated to more. Deeply toned sandalwood combines with a solid smoke face to create a subtlety of strength. Your time is your own. Find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The uncomplicated face allows focus, the streamlined shaping offers style. Their …

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  • original grain wooden watch

    Original Grain

    Inspired by their Pacific Northwest roots – and trusting their instincts to trailblaze – brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran set forth on a mission in 2013: Create an entirely unique timepiece out of wood and steel. The seamless fusion of all-natural, sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel proved to be an instant and enduring smash, both …

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  • Kerbholz wooden watches


    Usually watches are made of stainless steel. But the watches from Kerbholz are anything but ordinary. The fashionable timepieces are made of wood. Kerbholz is a company from Germany and stands for modern and fashionable wooden watches. Since the beginning of KERBHOLZ it has been important to them to get to know the people behind …

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  • Ovi Wooden Watch

    Ovi Watch

    The idea behind Ovi Watch is to produce high-quality, unique wooden watches with a touch of nature and in-house designs that will bring a WOW factor to your everyday wear. In 2016 a young craftsman and designer Ivo Asns received an opportunity of a lifetime – turning his passion for wood and watches into a thriving business idea. He created the …

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  • Wooden Watches For Men – the List of 19 BEST Watches

    Every man needs a unique timepiece, and wooden watches are a great choice. We searched the Internet to find watches with the most unique designs and the greatest “Wow Factor.” In addition to technology, the most important considerations when shopping for a watch are the material and design of the watch and strap. After all, …

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  • Best Wooden Watch 2020 for men and women

    The Best 18 Wooden Watches of 2020 for Men and Women

    This is a wooden-watches.com guide to the best wooden watches for women and men in 2020, featuring the best watch brands in existence. Therefore, it’s not all about Rolex, Omega and TAG – there’s a host of top nature-inspired pieces for any budget right here. While some people might be replacing watches with smartwatches or fitness trackers, we …

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  • The 15 Best Ethical & Vegan Watch Companies

    Nowadays a wristwatch is a part of our look and we want it to be stylish. But do you think about the materials and the environment when buying a wristwatch? There are a lot of vegan and ethical watch brands. If you prefer a vegan lifestyle or you are just interested in the health of …

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  • The 13 Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

    Come to the run-up to the big day, the last thing a bride and groom want is stress about the last little things, like groomsmen gift. Luckily, We’ve put together a lineup of unique, creative, and non-traditional ideas that are sure to make everyone in your wedding party smile with pride. These cool groomsmen gifts …

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