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  • bobo bird wood watch

    BOBO BIRD Wooden Watches

    BOBO BIRD is a watch original brand of unique style, natural Bamboo watches & Wood watches. They hold their watches to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality. Each one of their products is truly original. Every watch is handcrafted with ancient Asian sustainable wood and 100% genuine leather. Various types of materials including teak, …

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  • Engraved wooden watches

    Unleash the Elegance and Refinement with Engraved Wooden Watches

    The idea of the wristwatch pushes back to the 16th century when the creation of the very initial watches was laid. In recent years wooden engraved watches have evolved as the modern trend among the assortment of wristwatches.           Wood stands amongst the most ancient construction elements learned to man. It is famous across the …

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  • truwood watches


    TruWood watch journey began in May 2016, with a mission to provide as much value to the world as possible – the majority of our products are handmade, with an emphasis on quality at affordable prices. Buy One, Plant Ten. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality wooden watches made with environmentally sustainable material is …

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  • laimer wood watch


    „Time for nature“ – that is what Laimer stands for. As a child of the rustic Ulten Valley, a deep relation to the nature and particularly to the forest, was practically laid into the paths of Patrick Laimer, the founder and CEO of LAiMER. A few years ago, to be precise in 2012, the skilled …

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  • zeitholz wooden watch

    ZEITHOLZ Wooden Watches

    Innovation, Quality and Know-how: Discover the Excellence of German Design at Zeitholz Wood, the brand identity of Zeitholz, is a natural material, soft and trendy. Thanks to their unique characteristics, Zeitholz watches will seduce you and accompany you on any occasion. The Zeitholz Men’s Collection offers a variety of watches, ranging from the refined to …

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    Bewell’ speciality is the production of exquisite wooden wrist watches. The main products, many of them original and unique, include wooden watches, stainless steel wood watches, ceramic watches, alloy watches, and other materials, including plastic, and all are made to high and exacting standards. Some of the products are handcrafted by skilled engineers, while others make …

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  • Mujuze wood watch


    They make timepieces to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity and quality. From careful wood selection to its finishing, every watch comes with an expert’s finish of perfection. Each wood is hand-sanded and polished to a smooth, durable finish using traditional woodworking techniques. The design of the wooden watches conbines natural wood with the classic …

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  • Viable Harvest wood watch and sunglasses

    Viable Harvest

    Just when you thought you’d never wear a watch again, our designers at Viable Harvest have created a unique wood watch that looks and feels great! Their wood watch is crafted with a perfect blend of natural bamboo and red sandalwood. The Japanese quartz movement will keep precise time day after day. Not only is …

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  • wilds wooden watches


    When you buy a Wilds Wood Watch, you can be sure that you’re the only one in the world who will ever get to wear this unique timepiece. Wilds wooden watches are handmade by highly-skilled craftsman, creating a more unique style with lightweight wood which radiates a faint but pleasing aroma from the natural musky …

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